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Table No 21 Full Movie Download Blu-ray Hindi Movies

You can choose to rip blu-ray discs into various video and audio formats using Handbrake, all with Free and 100% legal to use. This software is used to rip blu-ray disc into AVI, MP4, MOV, DVD/VCD, MP3 and MP2 formats. If you are unsatisfied with the current version, you could always download the latest and newest version by visiting the official website at .

Movies Rip is also a great help when you want to rip copy protected Blu-ray movies. This small and simple tool could put up with BD/DVD copy protection of the worst level. You can define the source disc details such as the type, region, movie chapter, audio language, audio track and subtitle track. Then you can choose the target format from HDTV, VGA, S-VHS, SVHS, Narrow TV, VCD or DVD.

If you want to make your videos display in a higher quality, you can select with “Custom”. Or you can choose to keep the original Blu-ray movie the same. The best way to rip copy protected Blu-ray movies is to maintain the original quality, given that the rip will take some time. However, if you are worried about it, you can also choose the “Overwrite” option to get the target format as if the source was not copy protected.

Note: Handbrake is only available in the stable version 2.0.13. You could download the latest version from the Handbrake website. If you are lazy to download or ready to wait, you can visit to download an installation file.

One of the most convenient ways to rip copy protected Blu-ray discs is using Handbrake. If you already own Handbrake on your computer, you could choose to download the software from the website. There are three versions of Handbrake, such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. To download Handbrake, you can click the blue button below.

To get the movie, we have to extract it from the Blu-ray disk. In the days before CD-Rs and DVD-Rs, we had only one choice, and that was Blu-rays. Blu-ray discs are just a fancy digital version of the audio CDs that came out in the mid-1990s. The format is almost identical to that of audio CDs. However, the Blu-ray discs have significantly higher capacity than CDs.
You can even buy a player that plays copy protected Blu-ray DVDs. One of the hottest issues in the Blu-ray Player market is whether the Blu-ray movie protection or not. Many Blu-ray players are equipped with the Cinavia decoder and thus, will allow playback of copy protected discs, as well as other regional discs.
For viewers who want to rip AVI files from Blu-ray and rip audio for Blu-ray movies like MKV format, etc, their is a better way to do this. Zune media player and Playstation Movie app does this. Leawo Blu-ray Ripper can rip DVD and copy-protected Blu-ray disc to any video formats for playback on all popular media players.
You can complete the rips on your Mac (or PC). LEARN and learn all the secrets to record the main movie of Blu-ray discs. LEARN is easy to use. The whole process, the disc loading, converting, and complete ripping and burning, is all done automatically.
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