Brilliant Tutorials Yg File Free REPACK Download 📱


Brilliant Tutorials Yg File Free REPACK Download 📱


Brilliant Tutorials Yg File Free Download

the full form of yg file is young genius give you a brief idea, yg files from the brilliant tutorials are very helpful in the iit jee preparations for students in the school level. these files consists of all the hots (high order thinking skills ) problems with the detailed solutions from the maths, physics and chemistry subjects. if you are an iit aspirant these will definately help you a lot to acheive your dream.

hi there,
i was wondering if there is a way to install this theme on a child site without using a child theme.
at first i thought that you could make your parent theme theme-brilliant and then simply add your child theme theme-brilliant-child. this is not possible as the theme-brilliant file is only 54kb and it doesn’t contain any functions.

could i ask if there is an extra file that i need to add to my parent theme in order to make it a child theme? or is there another way i can install this theme on a child site?
kind regards


i have downloaded this theme but i don’t know what to do with it. can someone please explain step by step how to install it.
i have downloaded and extracted the zip file but don’t know how to install it. i’ve seen you have a theme which is recommended but i don’t know how to install this. i need to know step by step.
i have received this theme from the theme library. i have extracted the zip file. i’ve uploaded the theme to the admin panel of wordpress and everything is okay.

please help me if you can.

the problem with using the free wordpress themes is that they are not well suited for what you are trying to achieve. if you go into the wordpress codex, youll see that there is no native functionality in the wordpress system to support file sharing. so if you want to achieve this kind of functionality using wordpress you will have to modify the original theme to suit your needs. this is where things start to get a little complicated as you will need to know your way around wordpress html and php and if you arent familiar with those, then you will need to learn them. if you have no idea about php, then you will have to find a php developer to help you out. this may not be a problem if you have the time to learn php and html but if you are a busy person or an iit aspirant, then this is a little bit of a difficult path to follow. if you dont have the time or the funds to learn php and html, then i would highly suggest that you stick to a free theme for this project. if you have the money to spend, then i would recommend either the genesis, elegant themes or the wordpress parent themes such as the titan, muse or the divia (which is my favourite as it has the look of the other themes but is lightweight and faster as well).
i agree with you on the free wordpress themes, especially for file sharing. but, if you are willing to use a premium theme, then you are on the right track. there is no reason why you can not use one of the popular premium wordpress themes. i believe the theme that you might be interested in is divia. it is a free wordpress theme that has the look and feel of all the premium wordpress themes but is lightweight. its a great theme for a file sharing website.

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