Samsung Clone S7 Edge G9350 Flash File MT6580 6.0.1 Update Firmware Tested HOT!



Samsung Clone S7 Edge G9350 Flash File MT6580 6.0.1 Update Firmware Tested

In case you still have some difficulties, here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to flash a stock firmware to the Samsung Clone S7 Edge with Odin. Note that this will erase everything on the phone including data and user settings. To avoid this, download a backup of your data, for example using Samsung’s Backup & Restore app.

Grab the correct version of Odin for your firmware as described in the previous section. Make sure you have an unpatched version of the Samsung USB drivers installed, and a correctly configured Windows (no antivirus running).

Windows will now try to identify the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G9350 via its WiFi card and reports back with an error message. If it doesn’t find the device, try repeating the wizard by selecting another USB port and try again.

Depending on the version you’re using of the Samsung USB driver, Odin will either display the option to FLASH_DF_START or FLASH_DF_STOP. If you can set FLASH_DF_START, Odin will immediately start the firmware download (in a few seconds).

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if you are experiencing an issue such as a slow boot, or no charging after flashing, it is likely that something is going wrong with your battery. if it is, a simple solution is to unplug it and plug it back in, which will reset the cells in your battery. if this doesn’t work, you can try upgrading your battery firmware, which can be found here. additionally, check the battery for wear, which can be achieved by charging and discharging it over the course of a few hours or overnight.
i use sony xperia z5 compact for this test. the sony xperia z5 compact uses the same mt6580 chip as the samsung galaxy s7 edge so i believe this is a good way to test the update. i recommend that you avoid flashing the same firmware on different devices as there could be issues. i use the samsung all flash file for this test.
i did not see any data loss on the mt6580 chip so i am assuming that this is the safest method. i also attempted to flash the firmware on a mt6575 chip, which is used in the sony xperia m5 and m6, but didn’t work. i couldn’t find any firmware updates for this chip so i had to revert back to the mt6580. please do not flash the firmware on your phone if it isn’t compatible.
if you are having issues, you will need to try the boot loader method. if that doesn’t work, you will need to revert back to flashing using the samsung all flash file. you will need to flash it to the phone’s memory card and then move it to the phone via usb. if you do not have access to a computer, you can use a recovery method such as the twrp. if that doesn’t work, you will need to try the bootloader method.

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