I Am An Air Traffic Controller 3 Game Download BETTER ➞


I Am An Air Traffic Controller 3 Game Download BETTER ➞

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I Am An Air Traffic Controller 3 Game Download

Although it’s common for command game series to seem extremely easy once they get beyond their early stages, Narita doesn’t go that route. Players have to handle the various planes that arrive at the airport. If they do not get an aircraft in a timely fashion, the runway will quickly fill up and things will go south. Players can also make decisions on when to slow down or taxi a plane.

The games back story is that everything was going well until a young pilot crashed his plane. The story then delves into how the rest of the controllers are reacting to the tragic event and gives the player a role in determining how things will play out. There are eight tasks for players to complete in Operation Mode. Players have to try and make sure that everyone gets to their destination without crashing or has to learn how to fly their airplane.

The game truly shines, however, when the player is in Training Mode. Here players have to work their way through 55 different lessons and test themselves in eight different categories. If players do well on the exams they will earn upgrades. For example, one will earn a greater ability to slow down incoming planes and the purchasing will unlock bonus aircrafts. Of course, these lessons and aircrafts are also available in Operation Mode. There is a lot of room for improvement, but I found the “lobby” level to be an interesting way to test out the planes you can fly and the abilities you have unlocked. It is better than playing the game as we all know it.

As usual when comparing to similar titles, there are definitely some standout features. In airports with four runways the view of the inbound and outbound aircraft is a bit cramped, but players can have a bird’s-eye view if they fly an aircraft and zoom in. Learning curve plays well into the game as if players do poorly with a plane while learning to fly it they can just wait for it to learn on its own. This is a game that can sit on the shelf and be used to pass the time or a plane that you want to go flying with. As far as nagging details go, players can lose their progress if they don’t clear the runway in time or misplace a plane in the Maintenance Mode. It can be confusing to figure out where to find resources like spares, though.

Naritas graphics are the game’s best point of pride. Aside from the fact that they can at times be a little bland, the scenery and backgrounds of the airport in front of you look absolutely stunning. They manage to pull off the varying climatic conditions with patience and appropriate shades of color. However, don’t think that this sim comes without its faults. While the improvements of the Airport Hero series are obvious, there are still a few issues here and there that need to be resolved.
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Narita’s sturdy selection of levels span six full air plots, including the Honolulu Airports, Chiba, and Osaka. Even though each stage is long and can last for a lengthy period of time, most of them arent ridiculously difficult, which is good news for gamers who find themselves stuck in “get me into Los Angeles” mode.
The game retains a ton of the same features found in Narita, as players are able to tackle the old favorites as well as new challenges. Beginners should be able to take to the skies in no time with the easy stages, as players simply need to manage their planes while making sure they don’t fly off course. As players advance through the game theres a wide range of challenging stages to keep them on their toes, as theyll need to manage everything from weather and government regulations to military conflict. If you’re looking for a change of pace in the aviation arena then theres no better time than now.


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