Windows XP PRO VHD


Windows XP PRO VHD


Windows XP PRO VHD

find –set-root –ignore-floppies /xp3_1307.iso
map /xp3_1307.iso (0xff)
map –rd-size=2048
map –mem (rd)+4 (0x55)
map –hook
write (0x55) #!grub4dosv=1/xp3_1307.iso
find –set-root –ignore-floppies /xpsrc1.vhd
map –mem /winvblock.ima (fd1)
map –mem /winvblock.ima (fd0)
map /xpsrc1.vhd (hd0)
map –rehook
root (hd0,0)
chainloader /ntldr

in essence, the steps youll go through on this page are just as applicable whether your system has windows xp running on it as the one you want to virtualize or you want to use an existing, virtualized windows system as a starting point for your own install. in the case of the latter option, we’ve got instructions for booting windows as a virtual machine from a linux, macos, or windows operating system.

first, youre going to need to extract a windows xp.iso file, which is a type of distribution called a iso file . you can download the iso file for xp (in this case, xp-vc2008r2-en.iso) from this page:

notice the little black square, with the file name, when you right-click on the iso? (click to see the image) just like with iso files of other operating systems, unzipping this file will create a folder structure on your desktop.

next, youll need to select the virtualbox application from the list of programs to be installed on your system. once the program is installed, launch it and click on the new button in the bottom left corner. this will create a blank windows xp virtual machine for you to work with.

once the extension is installed you need to reboot the system then right click on the vbox icon and select the start virtual machine. follow the instructions in the new window to create a virtual hard disk using iso image of windows xp.
devmgmt.msc windows xp pro vhd you then need to go to the disk properties and switch off ‘automatically mount and boot from this disk’. once you have done that, you can boot up the machine normally. note that you will need to turn off the virtual machine while you do this and then turn it back on afterwards.
once you have recovered the original virtual hard drive, you can then format it and use it for something else. for example, you could install windows 7 or windows vista on it and run that. you could even use it for a server.
size: 7.5 gb vhdx file type: vhdx windows xp pro vhd in the virtual hard drive window, you can now choose the type of virtual hard drive that you want to create. you can choose a virtual hard drive that is the same as the original or create a new one.
it takes a while to start up, but its actually quite fast. it boots to the desktop but it will not start the applications and control panel. once you log in you can open the control panel and add the applications as you would on a regular windows xp machine. once you have created all the applications and settings you will need, click the start button and you will be back in the control panel.
if you are using windows 7, you will notice that it does not have a taskbar and it has the start menu on the top left. this is because windows 7 uses the start screen which gives you a much cleaner look, however if you prefer the look of windows xp then you can add the start button back.

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