Shivnandan Soft Computing Pdf ((HOT)) Download


Shivnandan Soft Computing Pdf ((HOT)) Download


Shivnandan Soft Computing Pdf Download

there are several ways to use this toolkit:

  • create an mkl file with custom workflow
  • create a collection in mkl file to run on your compute cluster
  • use mkl_taskdef to declare tasks in the collection
  • add all your tasks as part of the collection

in this example we will use r-dunn, an open-source inverse temperature perturbation algorithm implemented in shivnandan to create a workflow for an inverted temperature perturbation experiment ( instruction ).

we will use mkl_taskdef to declare the following task “inverse temperature perturbation” that will use the workflow created in the previous step. first, we create a collection. then we declare the task “inverse temperature perturbation.” we will use the local data files as input and output for all the tasks in the collection. we also set the workflow to be “external task data collection.” then we finish the collection. finally, we load the collection. all tasks that we declare in a collection “go live” when the collection is loaded.

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