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Activator For Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus

The following content is all the information that you will need to provide to the KMS server as to how to activate your license. The KMS server, in turn, will send this information to an online activation center or an AppLocker service that will process it. It is important to note that the KMS server, as well as the online activation center or the AppLocker service, is beyond the scope of this guide. For this reason, we will only explain the activation procedure for Office 2010 within the KMS server:

The following sections describe the use of the steps outlined above to activate MS Office 2010 (on-premises, and on the internet). For more information on how to activate MS Office online you can consult the Office activation guide for online users

Since Microsoft Office 2013 or 2016 is to be activated on a KMS server, you must install the on-premises activation extensions within the scripting environment of the KMS server (note that you can activate Office on several remote KMS servers). You will only need to perform the following steps on the KMS server, where you will have to use the appropriate command or script (depending on your scripting environment):

When you have the Office license file downloaded, you must begin the installation procedure. If you have no issues, the process should go smoothly. Finally, restart the KMS server. After this, Office activators will be able to complete activation requests for all Windows clients that are running Office Professional 2010.

Sometimes, the activation process is difficult to get started. For example, Office is closed and the activation key is not given to you. Moreover, you only have an access to an offline version of Office, you may not be able to use the activation process. This is when the Office Activator toolkit and its code crack comes in handy. The application is supposed to crack the activation files of the Office 2010 pro version, and convert them into the activation files of the Office 2016 (or 2010, or 2007). If you used another version of Office before, then its activation files will be visible in the Office 2016 activator. Even though this is not the most efficient way of getting the activation key, or cracking the activation, the Office activator is able to perform its task, once the files are cracked. And if the activation files are cracked, you will be able to use the Office 2016 activation tool and make the proper selection.

Our Team has uploaded another working office 2010 product key for free from Microsoft. For your information, every activator, toolkit or crack consider as unsafe by Windows Defender or other antivirus. Because we are trying to make it full version without buying it. So, antiviruss are designed to catch such tools as unsafe though, its safe (depends from where user downloads)
You’ll be required to provide your name, address, and email address, and Microsoft will send you an email with a code you need to give to your network administrator to ensure that you have the appropriate rights to install Office on your computer. After you’ve confirmed that you have the right to install the software, you will be asked to supply a valid product key. You can provide a new product key if you need to reinstall Office again, or you can use an existing product key to activate your version of Office once again. If you need to reinstall Office, your Office product key will not be valid. To reinstall Office, you will need to request a new product key from You can contact Office support to get a new product key. To get an Office product key, open the Office Installation Wizard by clicking the Start button, then clicking All Programs, and then clicking Office. To open the Office Installation Wizard, choose Start > All Programs > Office. You may need to sign in to a partner account with your Microsoft account, and provide your password, or sign in to a Microsoft account if you have one. To sign in to a partner account, sign in with the same email address and password you used to sign in to

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