Leela’s Friend By Rk Narayan Pdf Download [2021]


Leela’s Friend By Rk Narayan Pdf Download [2021]



Leela’s Friend By Rk Narayan Pdf Download

ans. r.k. narayan has offered an enchanting representation of a little girl’s friendship with a little servant boy. leela and sidda are quite imaginative and are made to behave as if they were walking on air with their imaginary adventures. leela is the life of every moment, and she is blissful to know that her friend is always with her. sidda is the eyes of leela, and she is blissful to know that he is always close to her. as the story progresses, sidda becomes the sole companion of leela, and she feels incredibly happy. sidda lives on air; he is also an angel. leela lives on sidda, and sidda lives on leela.

ans. a story is told about a little girl, who is very much attached to her mother, but she has a friend, whom she calls as sidda. this little girl has been taught by her mother that this little boy is the son of her father, who is a rich man. but after some years she was astonished to know that sidda was really a servant boy. when she understood that he was not her father’s son, she was very much upset and pleaded with her mother to get this little boy back. her mother replied that she could not give him back to her, but she could make him a different friend, who was a son of their neighbour. so that little girl began to call the new friend as sidda.

the moral of the story is that one should not judge a person based on their appearance. but, the moral does not end here. the story ends on a surprising note. mrs. sivasanker is a cruel, selfish person. in her own house she keeps a depressed servant. in her own house she flirts with the help and offers more to her than the servant needs. she is the only person in the entire story that does not care about the fate of sidda. her selfishness is made apparent in the way she treats her maidservant, vasanti, who is not even a servant but a friend to sidda. she is the only person in the entire story who does not show any mercy to sidda. this is the real crime of mrs. sivasanker.

answer: leela’s friend is one of the best stories from the malgudi days collection. it is in a realistic tone and authentic in terms of the characters. the author has described the childhood of a girl and has portrayed it in such a realistic way that the readers can easily relate to the story. this short story is a real gem of fiction. it has made the readers emotional and it has touched them to their hearts. the story is truly a masterpiece, which made the author a famous writer. this story highlights the fact that a friend is not an ideal, but is the one, who helps in facing life’s obstacles. the story is also the best story on the theme of friendship. the story should be read by children as well as grown-ups. it is a perfect story for children to read. it can also be read by the parents of the children, as it will strengthen the bond between the parents and their children.
answer: this story is a story of a friendship. it is the story of two children and how one of them befriended the other. the story explains the feeling of the friends. it is also a story of their bond. sidda is the first person whom leela met in her life.
answer: sidda is an important character of narayans leelas friend. he is dutiful as a servant and friendly as a playmate. so, neither the sivasanker couple nor leela has anything to complain against him. excruciating poverty has made him a servant. therefore, he does not take to heart mrs. sivasankers neglectful attitude and abusive words. in short, he has a heart of gold. therefore, it is a matter of pity that he is accused as a thief and that too purely upon conjecture. expectedly the supposed theft proves to be a case of mere missing. still he is deprived of poetic justice as mr. sivasanker decides not to re-employ him.


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