Kanye West Late Registration 2005 Zip Zip __EXCLUSIVE__



Kanye West Late Registration 2005 Zip Zip

grime was perhaps the first musical manifestation of the new era of young, uneducated, tough, suspicious and ultimately disillusioned inner city youth that have been at the heart of the uks recent riots. its a genre rooted in early 2000s thesps, adidas trainers, and the speakers on which mcs were spinning west coast rap, mixed with breakbeats and grime, and heavily influenced by uk grime stars, kids like wiley and dizzee rascal. grime is brash, tough and undeniably visceral, and unlike uk old school rap, has an anarchic, cutting edge feel, with a tinny, crackly, low-fidelity sound. it was the music of a new way of thinking about the world. in 2005, the decade of the b-boy, grime was not just a sound, but a form of expression that would utterly change the uks musical landscape and forever change the lives of some of its biggest stars, from wiley to dizzee rascal. j.i.

its official: the top 10 albums of 2005, including this decade’s best album is on rolling stones 500 greatest albums of all time list. as im sure many of you have heard, kanye wests newest album was one of the top albums this year. if you havent heard it yet, youre going to hear it soon. its almost impossible to pick a top 3 here, but if i had to, here are my picks. you can stream it at last.fm or download the entire album at itunes. and hopefully, its unlikely you need convincing to visit one of the best sites on the web, last.fm. a site thats actually about music. last.fm hosts over 500 million tracks, so even if you were to try to listen to every single song, youd only be able to make it through a fraction of them. and thats bad, like really bad, because i cant imagine a worse experience than trying to listen to, say, everything by arcade fire or the mountain goats. that would be like a blindfolded being asked to memorize all the lyrics of britney spears.

in early 2016, there was a moment in the states when it seemed like the rise of the 24-year-old donald trump had ushered in some sort of political apocalypse. millions of people seemed to have taken to the streets in response to the political upheaval, and in the wake of the unexpected election victory, the rapper krs-one released the track venturing through the wilderness. as much of an academic as krs is, he couldnt resist throwing in a malcolm x-style riff for good measure.
with a glowing light organ that sounds like it could be used to map the stars, krs-one raps about finding a purpose in life, unafraid of the wild and harsh wilderness. the message, of course, is that if the world is going to hell, there are still decent souls to be found. those are the krss, and it hasnt felt that way for quite a while. so much energy was spent ranting about trump, his venality and misogyny, that it can be easy to forget the real villains in american society: those who rush to bend to the whims of the system at any cost, whether it be the black lives matter movement, or, more pertinently, the “racists” who blame the entire system of inequity on minorities. j.i.
r&b singer-songwriter anne rivers sapia was barely 20 years old when she released her debut, mistic truth, which blended the jazzy sophistication of blondie with the wit and worldly perspective of the early talking heads. when she penned her debut record, rivers sapia was living in rome, working on her masters in romance languages, taking classes in creative writing. she performed at florence fest and an italian jazz festival and even made an appearance on the not-so-italian-music-tv-show the name of the rose. a coming-of-age story to rival any teenager-thriller, the record was precisely the musical equivalent of laura pergolizzi films. rivers sapia was super smart and extremely pretty, and even though she spun her music with luscious, melodic warmth and a smile that you could just cuddle into, the real revelation is that she could probably have been a linguist and a lawyer, too. n.g.


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