Build Your Own Search Engine: Python Programming Series __TOP__


Build Your Own Search Engine: Python Programming Series __TOP__

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Build Your Own Search Engine: Python Programming Series

this video provides a great overview of the wide range of search technologies that exist, and the different strategies that companies can use to offer site search, mobile search, and voice search. a complete search solution will include all of these services.

in the next video, aditya maurya will provide a detailed explanation of how bloomreach works. this video will explain how bloomreach’s technology works. they’ll cover the various technologies that make up the search engine, including:

we dont stop there. beyond the search box, the system needs to know what all the data is. thats not only what kinds of shoes they are looking for, but which websites theyre coming from. and theres the added complexity of using a different language on every website. sites are often written in, for instance, javascript, php, java, or c. but theyre not always search-friendly.

to further complicate matters, we also need to take into account the language of the page itself. for example, a search engine wont index a page using html, while a search engine domain names will give preference pages.

what about tagging? where does it matter? this is more than just adding a tag to each document. for example, a tag system on pages lets you track what pages have been read, which ones have been referred to, and most importantly, which ones have been bookmarked. if a tag system is used for this, how is it possible for a system to deliver only the bookmarked pages, and not the ones the user is actively searching for?

theres no substitute for a good, solid, well-built search engine, and given the number of web users out there, there is a huge demand for such a service. the problem is, programming isnt often taught in school. if you dont have the time to learn it, how can you possibly hope to create something that will meet the demand of millions of programmers, to say nothing of the demand of the public at large?

an awesome list is a curated list of coding projects within a specific niche, application or use case. trying to find high-quality programming coding has always been a time-consuming process. awesome lists removes this barrier by storing these curated lists of code projects in one area, making them more easily accessible for programmers.
well cover the theory of search engines, and data structures like lists, dictionaries, and sets, and show you how to use them. we’ll also cover when to use python for large-scale projects like data cleaning and analysis, and the benefits of applying machine learning to search.
the python standard library provides a wealth of programming tools that can help you build robust, versatile, and useful programs. well start with a simple problem-solving game called hex, then move on to some more advanced algorithms, like sorting and searching. youll learn how to implement the various algorithms using the built-in python data structures like lists, dictionaries, sets, and tuples. by the end of the course, youll have a very good idea of how to build and document your own functions.
sets, dictionaries, and tuples are the core building blocks of a python program. learn how to create your own custom sets and dictionaries. we’ll then go through some functions from the python standard library, and show you how to apply them to our data structures.
so when you’re adding a search engine to your site, you need to consider solr from the get-go. a search engine that only offers an out-of-the-box solr install is missing a key element in building a search platform that is more than just a piece of software, but an integral tool in your arsenal to drive your merchandising. solr alone is not a complete search engine package, and its inability to scale is going to make it difficult to keep up with your business. this is why a distributed application architecture is so important: it’s the way to take your search engine to the next level.

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