Esko Studio 2010 Serial Key Keygen [WORK] 💽


Esko Studio 2010 Serial Key Keygen [WORK] 💽


Esko Studio 2010 Serial Key Keygen

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How to use dates in an IF function?

This one is really strange to me but here is what I want to do:
I have a table in my DB with two fields, a date and a time value. Let’s say this is my tbl_testtable
1/8/2012 1:12:00 PM
3/10/2012 9:06:00 AM
4/8/2012 2:56:00 PM

I want to use the date from the table and use it in a calculation.
I want to use this IF function
if(date>today) then date=yesterday
if(datetoday,0,1) – IF(dateDATE(NOW()), 0, 1) DAY) AS yesterday,

So I tried looking up the error on Google (as I am new to Linux I did not know what to type in). The first thing to come up was this: – Error
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