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OmniLink 3-D Fixed Code.pdf (428 KB,.pdf)On Monday, some West Coasters opened the mail to find a box bearing words of encouragement from the President of the United States.

It’s been said that things have gotten so bad in the United States that it’s essentially 2016 North Korea. But in a happy twist, a recent survey by Harris Poll reveals that only 1 in 3 Americans think life in their country is going downhill, at least not for them.

The USA is still the world leader in quality of life (84 percent), the world’s #1 economy (#2 in the past 4 years) (#3 in the past 5 years in per-capita GDP) (#4 in the world’s lowest inflation rate), #1 in many measures of health care (#3 in life expectancy, #4 in child mortality rate), #1 in crime (#4 in poverty rate), #3 in military spending (#4 in military spending as a percent of GDP), #4 in the total percentage of people living in poverty, and #4 in personal income growth rate over the last 10 years.

In a country where half of the population has no long-term health insurance and an abundance of money is squandered on lavish mansions, fancy yachts, and bimbos, who can blame people for believing that life here is in fact well, that bad.

But for every hat wearing, Obama loving American who believes all this propaganda, there are many others who do not. So, how do you fight back against a media giant that has nearly $100 billion to print something, lie about it, and then print more lie.

You just have to realize that the mainstream media is no friend, no honest advocate, and no truth teller. Media Matters in fact does an excellent job of exposing all the ways that CNN and other media outlets lie to the public.

CNN in particular stands out as one of the worst offenders on the entire media spectrum. A recent piece by Media Matters exposed a few of the ways in which CNN could be lying to the public.

CNN’s False Claims About Immigration

At CNN’s Fake News Summit, the only and definitely not fake news about immigration was that news from the

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OmniLink of IMV is five-pin connector version only. The serial number is not supplied with. OmniLink of IMV is five-pin connector version only. The serial number is not supplied with. CorelDRAW and OmniPage are generally embedded into other..Vieillissement des hommes

In the United States, the Vieillissement des hommes (English: “Walking of the Men”) is an official motto of the French-speaking Québec, and one of its most commonly used slogans.


To quote De L’Esprit des Lois, the French language edition of The Constitution of the United States of America:

Prior to Québec’s achievement of independence from Canada, such a statement was never included in the French-Canadian national motto of Québec Français, which was adopted in 1952: Vive le Québec français (English: “Live the Quebec French”).

In 1955, the French-speaking Montreal Gazette of Oct. 27, 1955, ran a column, L’Ode à la Vieille France, which declared:

L’Ode à la Vieille France is an old French phrase, commonly used in the context of the French Revolution; the “old France” refers to France under the ancien régime, i.e. when France, under Louis XIV, was at the height of its power and influence.

In 1956, in the aftermath of the Suez Crisis, the old motto of Québec Français was replaced by the new motto L’Évolution ().

As of 2019, the Vieillissement des hommes appears in all Quebec public institutions, schools, as well as private institutions and organizations.

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