XISOv115.rar _VERIFIED_ Download Pc


XISOv115.rar _VERIFIED_ Download Pc


XISOv115.rar Download Pc

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Windows Server 2008 x64 Datacenter SP1 x64 English
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The known ignition distributors of the type mentioned above are frequently equipped with an electronic control arrangement (hereinafter referred to as an electronic ignition distributor) in order to perform predetermined ignition timing and quantity adjustments. Due to its compact structure and the fact that no electromechanical devices are required, electronic ignition distributors are frequently used in transmission ignition systems and for this reason are frequently referred to as transmission ignition distributors.
According to the prior art, transmission ignition distributors usually have an ignition coil which supplies a current for exciting the spark plug and in which the positive pole is connected with a capacitor which supplies a voltage to the control device or electronic control circuit which comprises the electronic ignition distributor. The electronic control circuit, which comprises a pulse generator or a reference generator, usually has a counter or a pulse generator in whose clock pulses the voltage which is to be controlled is counted. When the number of clock pulses has reached a predetermined value, the voltage supply to the ignition coil is turned off and remains off until a new current is started. The ignition coil is then again recharged or reexcited.
The voltage which is to be controlled is supplied to the generator and may have a value which is greater or smaller than a zero point. When the generator has a positive or higher voltage, the generator and electronic control circuit are connected to the ignition coil as a positive pole for example and when the generator has a negative voltage, the ignition coil and the control circuit are connected with one another as a negative pole.
In operation, the voltage to be controlled which is applied to the generator in the form of a square wave is divided by means of an output circuit and in this connection is usually superimposed with a reversing circuit which is used to synchronize the pulse generator and is usually embodied as a relay circuit. The output circuit is connected with one of the terminals of the generator and is connected with the other terminal by means of a second relay circuit. The first relay circuit controls the reversing circuit in response to the zero point of the voltage to be controlled.


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