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Service broker communication from one WCF Client App to another WCF Client App

I created 2 WCF application. One WCF Service is hosted in Service Broker and another WCF Service is hosted in one of the Service Application.
Service Broker application is communicating with Service Application using Named and Channel.
But i am not able to implement communication between these 2 WCF Client App.
One WCF Client Application is talking to one WCF Service through Named and Channel,now i have to move this WCF Service to another WCF Service Application. So, in the new WCF Service Application, i have to use service mode. This is causing problem since i am not able to specify Server. It will be based on Service Application. But i dont have this in my other WCF Service application.
Is there any way to get communication between the WCF Client App, one WCF service is hosted in one Service Application and another WCF Service is hosted in another Service Application? I am not able to specify Server in Service Application.
Please Help.


You don’t need to change anything – if your Service Application already communicates to the Broker Server, just move the WCF Service to a different Service Application, and you’ll be

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The Conservative Party is slipping in the polls and Tory MPs have been told that Stephen Harper’s leadership is in doubt as long-time supporters are defecting.

Sources tell The Canadian Press that there is growing support for a leadership review and that supporters of the prime minister should talk about what they want to see in the party’s future.

The May 5 election results are two weeks away, but there is concern within Harper’s inner circle that the Conservatives won’t get a clear mandate for government.

A source with knowledge of the party’s recently completed vetting process told The Canadian Press that the Conservatives aren’t getting enough new recruits.

There are plenty of new Conservative supporters but they haven’t been willing to sign up or commit to the party.

Party figures have been openly talking about the changes that are afoot within the party and some supporters are so concerned that they have started circulating a survey in the Conservative House of Commons to get feedback on what they want to see.

The survey – which doesn’t yet have a name – was first posted on Conservative MP’s Facebook pages as an open invitation for comments.

Harper’s office didn’t respond to a request for comment, while the party’s campaign communications director said in an email that “everything is normal.”

Doug Ford, a Progressive Conservative leadership candidate, has kept his head down during the shuffle of power. (Photo by Chris Young/CP)

“We continue to listen to Canadians and respect the result of the 2015 election. Prime Minister Harper’s management team will not be distracted from its focus on serving Canadians as we chart a course for government ahead of an important election,” said spokesman Jason MacDonald.

A source with knowledge of the Conservative changes said some supporters have been telling their MP’s offices that they won’t vote Conservative if Harper is re-elected.

“It seems that some people don’t like him and they don’t like the direction the party has been going,” said the source

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