Zapisi Iz Podzemlja Pdf Download !FREE!


Zapisi Iz Podzemlja Pdf Download !FREE!


Zapisi Iz Podzemlja Pdf Download

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American author, dramatist, and storyteller F. M. Dostoyevski was born in 1821 in Starodub, Russia, into a large, poor family in the port city of Novo-Arkhangelsk (renamed Archangel after the fall of the Russian Empire in the nineteenth century). The shtetls (census areas in which Jews lived before the Soviet Union) of the region where Dostoyevski grew up remained impoverished, and his family was one of the few literate in his home region. Dostoyevski’s early life was marked by poverty and misery, and by his own writing, he survived on the kindness of relatives, especially his uncle, Boris Rimsky-Korsakov. Boris Rimsky-Korsakov was a tutor to, and close friend of, the tsar Alexander II. Many of Dostoyevski’s writings have a dark and pessimistic view of Russian life. These writings came to prominence in the 1860s and included such plays as Crime and Punishment (1866) and The Idiot (1868).

In 1835, at the age of sixteen, Dostoyevski entered a St. Petersburg university to study philosophy, where he joined a group of students known as the “Friends of Reading.” Though in his twenties, Dostoyevski was strikingly short, his brilliant mind and bohemian lifestyle attracted the attention of Russian literary figures such as Alexander Pushkin and Vladimir Gogol. He also began to write fiction, including the story Demons (1846). Dostoyevski was arrested for, and briefly imprisoned for, his involvement in a student demonstration against the Polish nobles who ruled Russia (the Polish anthem, “Zdravstvuy, zdravstvuy, nikakor nikakor,” was sung at the demonstration).

In 1846, Dostoyevski graduated from the University of St. Petersburg and continued to study philosophy. The following year, he married Anna Snitkova. In 1849, Dostoyevsky was arrested, and the couple went into exile in Western Europe. In the late 1840s, Dostoyevsky became acquainted with the Russian literary figures of the time, including the novels of Tolstoy and the poetry of Heine. In the 1850s, Dostoyevsky completed the novels


Zapisi iz podzemlja je knjigovodstvena literatura Dostojevskog raža.

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