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Good MVC design pattern for this application

I am working on a small android application and I am planning on using MVC design pattern.
I have a few layers in my application.
Model layer: contains all the business objects (entities)
View layer: produces user interface with view elements such as buttons, lists, etc.
Controller: takes data sent from/received by the view and performs logic to handle that data. e.g. adding/updating/removing items from a database and so on.
Data layer: handles access to the Model layer.
I am unsure on what layer this should be. Is it better to have the Data layer be in the Model layer, or to place it in the Controller?
How should I determine which layers are too big or too small for the application?
On a small application, where the UI is pretty basic, will the view make a good layer for the MVC?


The Model layer is where the domain objects live. This is likely where the data model (if you have one) lives, along with services that make it easy to communicate with services/database/etc.
The View layer is likely where your UI lives. It should be pretty simple since it’s rarely very complex. Most things can be done using UI-centric prim


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