Sean Cody – Stu Collection – [1080p]Sean Cody – Stu Collection – [1080p]


Sean Cody – Stu Collection – [1080p]Sean Cody – Stu Collection – [1080p]

Sean Cody – Stu Collection – [1080p]Sean Cody – Stu Collection – [1080p] ★★★★★ DOWNLOAD


Sean Cody – Stu Collection – [1080p]Sean Cody – Stu Collection – [1080p]

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Sean Cody – Stu Collection – [1080p]Sean Cody – Stu Collection – [1080p]
Sean Cody – Stu Collection – [1080p]Sean Cody – Stu Collection – [1080p]Durant and Westbrook Back Together On The Court

From a distance, you might not be able to tell the massive difference between the Thunder and Warriors.

Yet, when Oklahoma City and Golden State are involved, those subtle differences matter.

Thunder forward Kevin Durant and Warriors guard Klay Thompson decided to play together again and the two scored 52 points together, helping the Thunder beat the Warriors, 132-126.

“We’re just having fun,” Durant said. “I was just talking before the game. Like, ‘We’re always talking about how great KD is.’ He was saying, ‘Come get me. I’m going to push you.’ So, he actually got me over the top to go get him, and we dunked. But just pushing each other.

“I’m just enjoying this game right now. KD called me before the game. ‘I want you to have fun. We’re going to win the game, have fun and just go out there and get on top of each other. Have fun.”

The Western Conference Finals are about to begin and for the first time in a while, the Warriors and Thunder are just playing basketball.

“I think they’re still learning this rivalry and this series,” Durant said. “They’re still growing. It’s still in their past, for sure, but I’m happy they’re back on the court together. It’s a blessing.”

Even though Thompson and Durant decided to team up for the first time this series, they weren’t the only two that got back on the court.

LeBron James and Paul George decided to play with each other as well and the trio helped the Cavaliers beat the Pacers 88-84.

Jayson Tatum made good on his promise that he wanted his teammates to hang out after the Celtics beat the Bucks.

Tatum, Kemba Walker and Kyrie Irving played together for the first time as teammates of the Celtics and they were rewarded with a 111-86 win over the Bucks.

The Celtics are finally starting to peak and have some pop.

“(We) have something really special here and I think we all just want to stay positive, but at the same time, we’re all on the same page right now,”

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