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Roblox is an online virtual game platform and game creation system developed by Roblox Corporation, and is geared towards middle school and high school students. The platform launched as a service for middle school students in 2008 as an alternative to traditional game consoles, and has since expanded to allow a broader user base. In 2014, the platform implemented an optional virtual currency called Robux that players can use to spend real money in-game.
Since 2011, the company has released a version of the platform called “High School”. It includes new features like advanced graphics, a live chat system, and a calendar. Roblox is available for both desktop and mobile platforms, as well as connected devices such as Xbox One and Smart TVs. Roblox Corp had announced plans to launch a YouTube version of the game platform on April 30, 2019; an iOS app version for Apple’s iOS devices would be released a year later. The game is developed with the Lua programming language. For most of Roblox’s history, it has been relatively small both in terms of platform and company. However, Roblox has experienced a rapid growth as of late, gaining a userbase from all demographics, including children.
The company was founded in January 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. Roblox opened its platform to the public on May 29, 2006. Baszucki noted that Roblox was an attempt to bring a social networking platform to the world of video game development. In contrast to most social game sites, Roblox did not require users to pay for membership or postgame content. The company maintained one centralized server, which allowed players to join a game and interact with others even if the game wasn’t running. Roblox’s development platform was released for all game developers to use in a free online sandbox, called “Creator”. The company also published a game engine called “Bixi” which could be used to program games on top of its platform.
By 2010, the developer platform had more than 150,000 game developers using it to create over 150,000 user-made games. Unlike other game development platforms, Roblox’s in-game economy was purely virtual: Robux, Roblox’s virtual currency, were not tied to any real-world currency. Robux were collected in drops, used to spend on other in-game items, or traded by other players. Roblox creator Robert Yang noted that Roblox was intended to encourage players to spend their Rob


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In mid-2018, an investigation by the NY Times and the Washington Post identified 28 distinct gaming companies that disguise their activities as “free robux” apps. They found that over 90 percent of those apps had ties to some form of the company behind them.

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Teens and Moms

It’s always interesting to understand any new demographic—like Millennials—and how the differences between “them” and “us” can affect how we interact with them. With teens and moms there are some key differences. Here are some tips to help both groups get along:

With kids under 10

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With teens

Try not to comment on the way they look.

If it seems as though they are dressing inappropriately or acting drunk or crazy, don’t act like you’re going to tell their parents (or boss) about it. They’ll always know and it’s not worth it to get into an argument over it.

Get to know their friends—don’t just know about them from TV. Ask them what their plans are for the weekend, what their interests are and how they spend time with their families.

If their friends are older than you, then don’t try to put them down. They’re probably your peers’ best friends, and you have more in common than you might think.

With Moms

With Mothers

Be sensitive to how you’re being seen by other moms. If you are out with your kid, avoid keeping the baby in her stroller or making noise (like ringing silverware or cutting up food).

Avoid saying “Y’all” with older moms, it might seem like you’re knocking them down, and it’s not worth it. Just


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