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The host for a massive playground where kids can create their own games and play with friends.

Explore a vast array of games and experiences, both online and off.

Build anything you can imagine with unlimited resources and in endless worlds.

Create all types of games and experiences with an intuitive, drag-and-drop programming tool, or get creative with Roblox Studio, an all-in-one game creation suite for mobile and desktop.

Play games together with friends in game worlds designed for social interaction. Connect with them at home or online.

Roblox uses a virtual currency Robux to pay for things like game credits and in-game accessories.

The platform includes more than a million hours of video content and play experiences.

Through its licensing program, Roblox will make available to developers, educators, and other creators content, technology, services, and tools to help encourage children to be creators.

Roblox Games:

Board games
Card games
Dice games
Fighting games
Hidden object games
Hidden object thriller games
Jigsaw puzzles
Mobile games
Other genres
Party games
Puzzle games
Religious games
Role-playing games
Sports games
Trap shooting games
Theme games
Trivia games
Vehicle games
Virtual pet games
Voyeur games
Wii games
Word games

Roblox Community and Cyber Security:

Roblox is a trusted community for gamers of all ages where everyone can play together, with the safety and confidence that their personal information remains private.

With every game login, game match, and chat session, the Roblox platform knows who you are.

Roblox Games are rated and monitored. Parents can learn more and review games and experience ratings by visiting the Players Age Disclosure section of the Roblox website.

Roblox welcomes review of the platform, the user experience, and moderation of inappropriate or unsafe behavior by third-party moderators.

Platform security is managed by Roblox Security, the company’s private security group. Roblox Security protects Roblox against cyber threats, unauthorized access, and unauthorized use of personal information.

Roblox generally keeps the platform safe and stable by proactively monitoring all network activity, as well as automatically blocking or disabling all games with unresolved problems.

All of


Name can you get free robux on ipad
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.83 / 5 ( 5045 votes )
Update (12 days ago)


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What is Roblox?

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) sandbox game where players can create anything they want and share it with others. It’s free to play and lots of people play it in their spare time. The player base is over 53 million strong. Roblox is currently ranked as one of the most played apps in Google Play and Apple Store, it’s also been nominated as one of the best games on the PlayStation 4. Roblox is the developer and publisher of the Roblox platform.

10 Roblox cheats to win stuff

You will need to create an account to use the cheats. Then you need to connect your Facebook account. And after that it’s just a matter of pushing the “skip” button to use the in-game tips.

These are some of the most popular cheats and tricks:

Fly around in levels:

1. Switch the game to the Game Mode you prefer (1-5).
2. Go to the Tower, fast travel there.
3. Press Y to land.
4. Scroll left to right to move up. Scroll right to move down.
5. When you’re in the air, hit + to toggle view from 3D to 2D. This is useful if you want to see how the platform works.

Use Level cheats:

1. Press CTRL + Z to ‘reset’ your game.
2. Increase your magic by getting a magic bean.
3. Jump to get some extra height. It will need your own logic to know whether you can jump higher.
4. When you jump, hold space to get a boost. This cheat will only work on certain levels.

Roblox in-game tips

1. Add things to the Inventory and claim them.
2. Just fly to where you want to be.
3. Get a walking zombie and send it to the other side of the map. Its AI is very bad so it won’t get killed by any normal enemies.
4. Press CTRL to see a list of all the cheats in use at the moment.
5. You can request free robux when you claim stuff. You can also create things to sell.
6. If you start the game with a lot of robux, the first thing you buy is a rocket ship.


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The Game of creation

Roblox has grown from a child’s game into a simulation world created by millions of players and has become the premier platform for kids to play games, create, imagine and be anything they can dream of.

This online world allows you to create your own world, your own characters, your own games.

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