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AutoCAD is not available for purchase by individuals but instead requires an AutoCAD License in order to use the software. Licenses are sold either directly from Autodesk through their website or through dealers. AutoCAD is available in four main editions: AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD Standard, AutoCAD LT SP1, and AutoCAD LT SP2. These editions vary in price and functionality.


AutoCAD LT is the entry-level edition of AutoCAD. Its low price and ease of use makes it a very popular choice for new AutoCAD users. It is available for download from the Autodesk website or as a disk installation from a dealer. It is priced at US $499.00, $449.00, or $349.00. AutoCAD LT is specifically aimed at home users who do not require the additional functionality of the other editions. The three editions have the same features.

Because of the lower price, Autodesk chose the GTK interface as the default graphical user interface (GUI) for AutoCAD LT. This decision removes the need for users to learn the Windows-based UI. Other popular interfaces such as the Borland CUI, Direct3D, and even the VCL interface from Delphi, are not available for AutoCAD LT. However, some third-party tools provide an alternative interface.

The AutoCAD LT software includes drawing and drafting tools, interoperability, importing of other CAD formats, rendering, publishing, and scripting capabilities. The Open Office document importation and exporting are also included. One of the strong points of the LT edition is the access to the Viewer Application Programming Interface (VAPI) that lets users view a 3D model and interact with it through code.

AutoCAD LT supports the following versions:

AutoCAD LT LT 2003, AutoCAD LT LT 2003 SP1, AutoCAD LT LT 2003 SP2, AutoCAD LT LT 2008.


AutoCAD LT SP1 is Autodesk’s cost-effective next-generation version of AutoCAD LT. It is priced at $899.00, $699.00, or $599.00. The SP1 edition is meant for the intermediate-level user who may want some of the functionality of the other editions. SP1 has more functionality than LT. It has

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Category:Software using the LGPL license
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BigQuery export table to csv as user 1 not user 2

I have a “public” BigQuery table that I’d like to export to a CSV. I am doing so as user user 1 and cannot figure out how to save it as user user 2. I’ve tried:
bq query –header=false –project my-project:user2.table.csv > c:\path\to\export.csv

bq query –project my-project:user2.table.csv > c:\path\to\export.csv

but neither worked. I’ve also tried:
gcloud bq prune –project my-project:user2.table

but that didn’t work either.
The import succeeds, but the export fails with the error:

The data in the specified export location
(gs://bq_output/export/table) is not in Google BigQuery as of the
current time. Only export data of the latest revision from a Google
BigQuery data stream. This was a temporary failure. Try again later.


Export as regular user

Download this script,
Copy the path of that script to your script.
Use this script to export the table.

# Copy the target bucket into the local system
bq cp gs://$1 $2

# Export the table
bq query –project $PROJECT –destination_format=CSV=gs://$2 \
–field_delimiter=’|’ \
–no_header \
–single_direction \
–query ‘SELECT * FROM $PROJECT.$1’ \
–write_disposition=WRITE_TRUNCATE \

In your case,
bq cp gs://bq_output/export/table mytable.csv

Note: Make sure your gs-bucket have both Read/Write access for this user.

Also, I get an error saying that the destination table already exists:

Issue is you are using wrong table. Instead of $PROJECT.mytable.csv, use $PROJECT/

What’s New in the?


Post-processor download links:

Save time and avoid surprises. Automatically update all downloaded posts on a regular basis. This feature is accessible from within each AutoCAD post. To find this feature, click the three-dotted pad on the upper right of a post.

Minor Release:

A new and updated Labeled Scale feature adds an automatic scale to any dimensioned line (including text) in order to make it easier to interpret. For example, if a dimension is not on a line of text, then the line is treated as a standard dimension, but with a label added to the side of it. When you print or PDF the drawing, the label will be added to the line automatically. (video: 1:19 min.)


As always, AutoCAD is available for free for educational use on one computer at a time, under the terms of the EULA.

Updates to the underlying PostgreSQL database:

+ The “Close Line Reference” bug has been fixed in AutoCAD. Closing a line reference (like closing a circle) is no longer needed before using the “Insert Line” or “Insert Circle” tools.

+ The “Text / Label” tools now have a “Text or Label” menu when the mouse is over the text or label.

+ The “Insert Table” tool now displays additional attributes that help users place tables in their drawing. These include the table orientation and appearance (grid lines, point display, and scale values), grid placement (whether you want to use an automatic or manual grid, and where you want it to appear), and shape (whether the table should be a square or rectangle).

+ An option called “Simple Grid” has been added to the Table Options dialog box. In AutoCAD, you can now change the grid pattern displayed when using the “Insert Table” tool.

+ The “Format Table” dialog box now has a “Reduce Rows” option, which you can use to reduce the number of table rows by lowering their height.

+ The “Edit Grid” dialog box now has an option that allows you to change the overall grid pattern.

New features in AutoCAD LT:

+ The “Select Lines

System Requirements:

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