Windows Loader 2.2.2- By Daz [PORTABLE] 🠦


Windows Loader 2.2.2- By Daz [PORTABLE] 🠦



Windows Loader 2.2.2- By Daz

Need a Windows 7 Activator that can activate your os from a clean state.Q:

Is it possible to solve $(\mathbb{Z}/\mathbb{Z}_2)^*$?

Because $\mathbb{Z}/\mathbb{Z}_2$ has only two elements, $(\mathbb{Z}/\mathbb{Z}_2)^*$ will also have two elements.
But, if $(\mathbb{Z}/\mathbb{Z}_2)^*$ has only two elements, how can we prove that $\mathbb{Z}/\mathbb{Z}_2$ has only two elements?


Yes, it’s possible! Just use the fact that $Z/2Z$ is a field.


$(\mathbb{Z}/\mathbb{Z}_2)^*$ is isomorphic to $\mathbb{Z}_2$ iff $-1 \in (\mathbb{Z}/\mathbb{Z}_2)^*$ iff $-1 \in (\mathbb{Z}/\mathbb{Z}_2) \iff 0 \in \mathbb{Z}_2$.

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4.83 MB


As the comments suggest, it’s a beta version.

Windows 7 Loader, a free Windows 7 loader tool, is available for download from the website of the developers, the Daz crew. Windows Loader 2.2.2 is the beta version of the program, and it has been changed.
Please remember that this software is still in beta, and its reliability is not guaranteed.


Windows 7 Loader (Windows Loader V2.2.2), is a free program developed by Daz crew. It consists of only 2 files: Windows Loader and Setup Assistant. The program is actually designed to be a bootable USB file for the activation of Windows. The problem is that it fails to detect the current editions of the Windows versions such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Though it doesn’t require any dedicated hardware support, it might not work on all hardware versions. However, we can still use it to create a bootable USB from your Windows 7 system to activate it.
Note that the activation of Windows requires a valid product key.

To create a bootable USB of the Windows 7 loader to activate Windows 7, we can download the original Windows 7 loader from the website.

Right-click the download link and select “Download link options” to set your connection options.

In the downloaded folder, download the setup.exe file from the installer.

Right-click on the setup.exe file and select “Run as administrator” option to install the Windows 7 Loader to a “C:” folder.

Copy the Setup.bat file from the “C:\Windows7 Loader\Setup” folder to the “C:” folder.

Right-click the Setup.bat file and select “Run as administrator” option to run it.

Now, we can choose to create a bootable USB from the Windows 7 Loader.

Click “Create a bootable USB” on the Welcome Page.

Select the Windows 7 Loader and the setup.exe file. Click “Next” to continue.

Enter the “Device ID” and the “USB device” on the USB Creator Page.

Click “Next” to continue.

Now, we can do a system scan to find the BIOS version and choose the BIOS type to be compatible with

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