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Solana Academy is a prestigious all-girls boarding school in Japan. The school, however, is not what it seems.

Eldritch Academy:
Eldritch Academy is a prestigious all-girls boarding school in Japan. The school, however, is not what it seems. Beneath the glistening exterior lies a world of horrifying secrets. The Academy is built on top of a former University. A research facility where the world’s greatest geniuses were once brought to experiment on themselves. The horrors they created were kept underground until now, when the structure slowly begins to collapse, claiming lives of the students trapped inside. A witch named Anna, who happens to be a student in the academy, is haunted by nightmares of her past and deep inside her are buried secrets that could change the course of the world.

Players will be treated to a story where the choices and decisions they make will fully influence the game’s final outcome. This allows them to experience the emotions of the student protagonist one thing is for certain, this game is not something you’ll ever forget.

Death is lying to you!

When he was young, he made his first kill. He should have continued to kill and find the joys of his life. When he woke up in a new body, this game was all that mattered to him.

A high school student that recently murdered a person runs away from the police. More gruesome killings follow, and this young murderer has the power to teleport between bodies. With help from his new friends, he escapes from the police and creates his own society.

His path leads him to a new town, where he picks up a new body to live in and restart his life. However, he soon finds out that his hunting days are numbered because of his ability to travel between bodies.

Super Cruel is a novel-length visual novel where your choices will determine what happens to you and your alter ego, and it contains adult content.

You can choose from several different characters, each with their own unique background and personality. You can influence the story in many different ways. The game has multiple endings, along with several different game routes.

Death is lying to you!

Possessing a boy named Patrick, who is imprisoned in a secret location, is a man named Joshua.

Possessing him is a young man named Wilson.



Features Key:

  • 5 Ready to Download, Fresh Modes
  • All-New Locations!
  • Enhanced Kitchen Gameplay
  • Team Play!
  • Fresh, New Chests
  • For the First Time, Both Chests and Spoilers match Game Difficulty


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Rejecting the stereotype of the series’ previous installments, Dream Chamber comes with a stylistic change – Charlie’s waking environment, the Dream Chamber, has been replaced by a dream of his!
While waiting for Charlie to wake up, try to find out what really happened to his girlfriend, Carmen, whom he loves. With each decision, more questions will arise, and the path you can take will determine the final outcome!
– Become a Private Investigator!
– Explore a classic mystery
– A new adventure every day
– Interrogate the suspects and break their alibis!
– Music and Musical Instruments:
Voice Composed by Takao Sasaki
– Orchestra and choir recorded by the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra
– Piano arrangements by Tsutomu Nakamura
– With scenario & dialogue by Kazuhiko Tachi and others
– English Version of the game contains English/Japanese voice
– Great music and wonderful songs to keep you motivated!
– Interactive gameplay with time pressure!
Dream Chamber will gradually add different elements and story to its mystery plot. You can choose between different endings, and each decision you make will affect your scenario. With this new feature, Dream Chamber will remain fresh and intriguing for months and years to come!
If you’re not sure which ending to choose, a “decision gauge” will appear on the screen. You’ll have to decide what to do in the current situation, and while you’re making the decision, watch the gauge. If you make the right choice, the gauge will fill up, and your decision will influence the final result!
Choose from 10 different endings!
The solution to each mystery is different from each other, and the story continues with a new scenario each day. You can choose between 10 possible paths to solve the mystery, and each choice you make will change the story depending on which endings you pick! So you’ll never be stuck, and every ending will have a different story!
This way, Dream Chamber will be like a new game every day, and this new scenario is just a small part of the puzzle. There is a secret behind the solution to each mystery, which is different depending on which ending you pick, that gives you clues to the secret of this particular case.
Find the secret of this mystery!
Your imagination will be stretched as you enter the Dream Chamber. As you witness many different scenes, you’ll delve deeper into


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15.2.04Play Mechanics

“LARGESPACE” is an indie game by Jeff Beyer and Mike Zegarac based on the innovative mechanics of puzzle-platformers and adventure games like “Zelda”, “Portal” and “Limbo”.

Play Mechanics is more than a new kind of genre, it is also a different gaming experience. For the first time, players can jump into an adventure and fully immerse themselves into an environment where they are not only the protagonist but also the controller.

This concept relies on player-made mechanics, a system that the player is free to modify, thanks to the Customizable Tools system.

15.1.05Spiked to the Moon is a Metroidvania platformer where your only goal is to escape your crazed captor on a moon bound to kill anyone that isn’t jumping with him!

In your adventure, you will jump, fall, dodge obstacles, and climb along with the many obstacles and enemies in your path.

You can also build up your Spiked hero so that you may use all of the new abilities to fight your way out of danger!


Story-driven, challenging platforming adventure

3 unique environments

Spiked mechanic system – Build and climb the Spiked hero to defeat obstacles and enemies!

Save System – If you get stuck, you can reload your last save to continue where you left off!

14.10.05***Update*** The game has been updated and is now 100% in English, French, Italian and German. I’d like to thank all my players for their patience as I’ve been working on getting this thing finished for you!


It seems my internet connection has been down for a couple days and I’ve lost my uploads of the game so I’ve had to spend the past few days putting it together again. I’ve finally released the first version that I can say is 100% complete. Please download it and let me know if there are any bugs or things that I could improve on. I’ve fixed most of the major bugs as I’ve received over 30 bug reports with the release of the version so far. I’d like to thank you all for your support.

14.09.04Made a minor tweak to some of the game and fixed the loading screens


What’s new:

    : The End of Saga (commonly referred to by its subtitle Trails of Cold Steel IV) is a 2016 role-playing video game released on PlayStation 4. It is the fourth and final title in the Trails of Cold Steel series of RPG video games by Hironobu Sakaguchi’s company Mistwalker.


    General information


    The primary source of entertainment in the game are the battles. The battles vary in encounter rate depending on the difficulty setting set in the game. Battles appear in two forms: against the enemy AI, which allows for tactical positioning, and actual non-player characters (NPCs) that allow for targeted attacks. When attacking an NPC, you can do one of two things: pure damage (DD), which ignores the enemy’s defense rating and focuses on merely inflicting damage and stat reduction, or effective damage (Bb), which takes the defense rating into consideration for a more balanced and tactically accurate result. For instance, if you’re fighting against a tough enemy with a good defense rating and a similar strength rating, doing Bb will allow you to inflict more damage, but it will also take a long time to do so (since you can not attack by pure DD). Weapon types can be changed at any time while in battle; not only do the three weapon slots contain weapon types, but you can also change the weapon type of your shield, sword or pot. Weapon types come in multiple strengths and uses, except for the Potato 2, which only has the basic attack, the basic strength and the basic use.

    Trails of Cold Steel IV’s battle system is based on GemCraft 2.0, a battle system developed after the previous series, Trails of Cold Steel. The new battle system that was brought into Trails of Cold Steel IV is a combination of the gameplay engine that was used in the previous game, which is based on GemCraft 2.0 and the battle system from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III. Like with the other titles, the battles that take place in the game can be adjusted in increments, allowing players to aim for a balance between battles in an instant as well as find their own level of difficulty.

    The battle system is a mix of GemCraft, with its close-quarters combat favoring a rotation-based attack and defense mechanic and large areas favored by a focus on ranged battles and absorbing attacks. The system is also designed to be fast-paced and easy to use while also benefitting from lengthy battles and the


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    STRAFE is an action adventure shooter with strong RPG elements.
    You can take control of one of three different characters (or create your own), each with their own unique skill sets and weapons.

    How It Runs:
    STRAFE is built from the ground up for low-spec machines such as the Chromebook or the PB.
    You can even build and buy your own cheats with in-game credits to customize and level up your game experience.

    The Brand:
    STRAFE is the new game from the makers of Arkane Studios, Spelunky, the award-winning indie game that defined the genre.

    About the Narrative:
    This is story is set in the year 2227, where Earth is now under the thumb of the Overmind. The new Galactic Empire runs the galaxy in the shadows of its immense military might, which has all fallen to order at the behest of the Overmind, who has yet to reveal his own identity. The mission remains clear, to destroy the Overmind, or the Empire collapses and no one wins.

    Into the fray you head, with your own unique character. You’re a lone wolf, searching the galaxy for answers. The beginning is simple, once you arrive at an arctic research station, complete the mission and leave. However, as you leave, you’re plunged into a much deeper mission.

    The game design is a mix of rogue-like, RPG and FPS elements. You can traverse many different environments and see each area through many different angles. You can buy weapons and armor that suits your play-style and your favorite ship each mission is a different experience. And for the first time in the genre, you can play it solo to experience it all yourself!

    There’s little to no AI to contend with, so you can easily play this game solo. And there are a lot of options to the game.

    How to Play:
    STRAFE is a first-person shooter built in Unity 3D. You can play solo or with a local co-op team.

    To start a new mission you first pick the level you want to play. You can then pick your ship, and your loadout. With loadout you can customize your weapon, armor and more.

    Each level is made up of rooms and corridors, with many different styles of enemies. Each enemy has their own AI, so it’s up to you how to approach them


    How To Install and Crack Ice StationZ – Inferno Skin Pack:

  • You need to have Microsoft Visual C Plus Plus IDE w/.Net Framework 3.5 or later
  • Clone this repo:
  • After you clone you have to download all iaManifest.xml’s from other files.

How To Install
You might have to modified some file to setup your destination folder…
Install the game

  • Download the game “Sim Chef: Restaurant management free” 
  • Unpack it to your xbmc directory 
  • In xbmc go to “Games” 
  • Go to “Settings” – “Games” – “How to add.APP packages…”
  • Locate the files in the xbpack-rars folder
  • Select all files and right click and select “Send to Programs” and select “Games


System Requirements For Ice StationZ – Inferno Skin Pack:

Requires a Microsoft Windows® 7, Windows® 8 or Windows® 8.1 operating system, and has a Processor of 1.0 GHz or higher, and 1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit) or higher.
File Size:
Uses 1.5 GB hard drive space.
Additional Recommended:
Microsoft Internet Explorer® 11 or later.
Web browser plug-in
Requires a broadband internet connection and an up-to-date browser.


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