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As the most sought-after treasure hunter of the 19th century, you are invited to embark on a collection of horror stories on your journey. In each mission, your aim is to seek, solve and end the mystery of certain gruesome events. Get ready to dive into a unique experience as you participate in the evolution of a mysterious story. The Collector, your mission is to find the truth before it is too late. The Collector 3D is a unique and theatrical experience.
-Gorgeous graphics and amazing sound effects
-Innovative 3D visual display
-Incredible audio playback
-A vast number of story chapters
-Realistic investigation and puzzle solving
-Overwhelming 3D graphics
-Visual design approaches that blur the line between reality and fiction
-Horrible plot scenes
-Great eroticism
-Uncover the secrets of the game, collect the missing memories and solve the conundrum.
– iPhone 3.0 or higher
– 3.5 inch display
-1024×768 display resolution.
-855MHz processor
-2GIG free RAM.
System requirements
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd, 3rd, 4th generation)
Input the correct ‘iPad version’

Author: Alexander StamatovDate: 2013-07-06

It is a horror story about a passenger plane crashing on a remote island which is mysteriously awakened by a frightening presence. This game is an intense 3D thriller featuring an original concept of exploration and puzzle solving. The story proceeds in stages and evolves as you play.
The game is all about the use of the environment, and will surely leave you wanting more.
The Collector:
The Collector is a unique and exciting 3D thriller. It is a mysterious adventure in which your objective is to trace the identity of someone behind a series of horrific events. The Collector will carry you to the most remote and mysterious places on earth.
-Unique 3D Adventure in which you will experience fine details of the visual display and adjustable tactile effects
-Shrouded narrative scope and interesting characters
-Authentic world map with an interactive system allowing players to discover new locations
-Extensive exploration with puzzles and environments
-Original atmosphere, particularly in the final chapters of the story
-Intensive exploration
-Evolve mystery with your discoveries
-Authentic hunting for key items
-Lots of weapons
-3D environment and various


Features Key:

  • An open world system
  • Gothic Ghost themed world
  • Burning city
  • Hundreds of enemies
  • Multiple weapons
  • Journals, towns and outposts
  • Horses and travel
  • Saddle & horse armor
  • Horde mode

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP/Vista/W7/8 and above
  • Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz or higher
  • 4 GB RAM at installation
  • OG GFX 2.0
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • DirectX: Recommended
  • WASD keys for movement


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The American Civil War takes place from 1861-1865. The world is divided between the North and the South, with almost all of the old world’s nations declaring their support of the North or the South. Some of the nations have also side with the European Union (EU) or the United States of America (USA), while others act as independent states or are ruled by a dictatorial government. The face of the conflict is split between the left and right hand of the world where most of the world powers have taken sides, but there are still some countries that are in the middle of the conflict (Shakespearean backstabbing).
2K Games (2K) and Overkill Software (OR) have teamed up to bring you the definitive real-time strategy experience set in the greatest conflict of all time. Command your troops in an attempt to change the fate of the American Civil War and bring peace to the world. Take part in history…

The first DLC for the Year of American War brings the epic struggle between North and South to a new level.

The playable nations have been expanded to 12 new territories, giving you a new chance to confront the conflict. The introduction of the new nations sets the gameplay of Year of American War on a new level. There are now 20 playable nations with their own strengths and weaknesses, their own unique character traits, and their own technologies that you will need to consider when building your strategy.

Explore the battlegrounds that you visit in the campaign as well as play a range of new multiplayer maps that will keep you on your toes.

Key Features of Year of American War:

Campaign Mode:
A new single-player campaign that explores the Civil War between North and South.

12 New Nations: Year of American War brings you 12 new playable nations.

Power Play: Combine the strength of the 20 playable nations with 4 new Co-Op campaigns.

Multiplayer Mode:
Play as the Co-Op factions or take part in the new Co-Op multiplayer mode.

New Multiplayer Maps: Play on 10 newly-designed maps and get ready for the battle.Ukraine’s PM Qazaqstanov vows to seek EU membership

KIEV, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) — Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has promised to work hard to establish relations with European Union countries, according to an interview with Xinhua.

Ukraine’s PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk (L


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You can play this game both alone and co-op. The story begins at an abandoned home after the fall of a fictional city. You play the role of I, a man who was abandoned in an empty town, with nothing to do. Among the items you find on the route you travel, a map leads you to the Forbidden Palace. You go to the palace to stop the princess from making a deal with the foreign nation. As you progress, you realize that the princess is your sister, and it becomes clear that the deal you made with the enemy is a trap. You wake up to find the princess in a white room, and realize that the alliance is stronger than you thought. Because the alliance wants to make a deal with the United States, and the princess is Japanese, you enter the forbidden palace, and begin a war between the Japanese and the Chinese. The game features two levels of difficulty (one for co-op mode), and you have the freedom to unlock secret levels as you progress.Single Player GameThe Story:
Chinese characters in the game feature a Daoist-inspired appearance. Background music is similar to the Chinese Folk songs.Characters:
There is a character with a Japanese appearance. However, most of the characters are drawn based on Chinese fashion. It is easy to tell them apart by their appearance.There is a scene where you save a Japanese mother and child. These two look exactly the same.Characters of the Real Game:Japanese as an enemy
Drunken, Heroic, Simplistic, and One-dimensional characters:
The game has simple heroes, and it does not matter that much whether you are Japanese or Chinese. They are all brave, and at the same time have weaknesses that must be taken into account. There are no “elite heroes” who are unbeatable by normal players.Olympic Gold Medal:
In 2011, the game entered the Global Game Awards as a game that deserves an Olympic Gold Medal. In the 2nd. season of the Global Game Awards, “Song of Yellow River” won the Gold Medal for best game for PC.
The Campaign of Liberation Against Japan:
The game takes place during the War of Resistance Against Japan, and the Japanese Imperial Army attempted to conquer Northeast China and established the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo.
The War of Resistance Against Japan:
In the fictional history of Japanese aggression in the Chinese territory, there is no record of a stand-off between the Japanese Imperial Army and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.


What’s new:

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Extended Plays
“Eight Minutes Gone” (Fingerprint Records, 2015)

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“Who We Are” (Fingerprint Records, 2015)
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“Oste” (Fingerprint Records, 2019)


Category:Netherlands musical groups
Category:Electro house musiciansThe Imlay Company

The Imlay Company was a short-lived belt-driven railway built in 1882 in Clark County, Washington. Now part of the Canadian Western Pacific Railway, the line operated under lease from the Central Pacific Railroad. The trackage in Whatcom County, connecting to Wenatchee and Maple Valley, was sold to the United States Army and became an ammunition hauling line, the Union Pacific Railroad, during World War II.

Construction and narrow-gauge origins
In March 1882, E. L. Preston and W. S. Campbell, members of the “Ramona” tier of landowners who occupied the north-south route through the Rattlesnake Hills, the highest point on Clark County, was given permission to construct a narrow-gauge railway line to the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) camp at Pine Falls. The consent was the result of a negotiated proposal to build a narrow-gauge line by the CPR so it could ship wheat to Puget Sound and sell it to the railway’s Chinese laborers after they acquired the land it hoped to control.

Expansion and bankruptcy
The Spokane and Eastern Navigation Company, under the direction of promoter L. H


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7776 II: Dwarven Greed will take you back to the glory days of dwarf runics with a sword and a shield, battling troglodytic creatures while building a mech with enormous force and flair, all set in a world that has taken a dark turn toward the undergorgelordium and the evil that dwells within. Traverse through a classic turn-based dungeon crawling experience with the increasingly challenging and stylish combo attacks that are the hallmark of the Hack-n-Slash game genre. Face endless hordes of troglodytic creatures in the perilous Underdungeon to battle through the obstacles and pitfalls of the dungeon, while trying to earn enough wealth to appease the greedy rulers of the House Karas. Are you equipped with the right weapons and shields to take out the troglodytic enemies and claim the glory of Dwarf, god of greed?
Key Features:

Huge Dungeon Crawls: The time of aggressive, heart-pumping action has returned to the High Elf World. Guide your adventuring guild through the magical undertones of the High Elf World to battle hordes of creatures set on thwarting your quest for fame and fortune. Battle through a classic turn-based format with each enemy composed of the classic Hack-n-Slash from past games and others designed with the highly anticipated high elf weapons and armors. Hasty, skill-based mechanics using the newly released weapon and armor combos, cleverly incorporated into the dynamic player-controlled game flow.

Ruling Houses: Daily quests are required to help you build your reputation in your adventuring guild by helping the ruling house collect the necessary resources to create the required weapons, armors and upgrades. Guilds will decide to help the ruling house on a per game session basis. Faction is determined by the time and place of the game session, meaning all quests can be completed no matter which faction you played for in a game session.

Battle Complexity: The dungeon crawling experience is in many ways more complex than many previous games. While it has the look of a classic Hack-n-Slash, you will need to mix strategies in order to survive more sinister creatures. Survive the classic troglodyte encounters and the equally fierce troglodytic creatures as well as the new and more menacing high elf enemies.

Storyline: An individual (called the Princess) is chosen by the High Elf Gods and granted the power to alter the destiny of the High Elf World. She struggles


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  • How To Install & Crack Game Hammerwatch:

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