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Space Colony is a social space game for up to 16 players, available now on Steam.
Build and manage your own space colony in this turn-based strategy game. Whether you’re leading a crew of refugees in search of a new home or building a new outpost from the ashes of a collapsed megacorp, it’s up to you to make your mark on the galaxy and become a legend in the colony…
• Explore an open galaxy with randomly-generated planets and star systems
• Build, research, and manage up to 4 star bases
• Encounter alien life, trade, colonize, and form intergalactic alliances
• Use meteors to defend, make walls, and build buildings
• Learn various technologies to increase your chances of success
• Craft your own spaceship in manufacturing workshops
• Hire multiple species to work your mines, farms, and factories
• Meet other colonists and form alliances with them to survive and expand
• Find value in rare, high-technology components to customize your starships and planets
• Send out your scientists to explore planets and find resources
• Explore a customizable galaxy with randomly-generated planets
• Choose your color scheme, add your own art, and set your own colony rules and regulations
• Watch the credits roll as you trade, make discoveries, produce goods, and set off on new adventures
Space Colony is a space city-building game, where YOU determine the course of your colony’s destiny.
The space colony market is a world with many opportunities for players who are not afraid to take risks.
Only you can set your colony’s course, and in the meantime, make sure you’re never out of stock on the good stuff!
Space Colony: Steam Edition is a remastered version of Space Colony, with support for all modern systems including 4K and HDR.
Key Features:
• The legendary game that started it all: Space Colony, originally released for the Amiga, comes to Steam
• Support for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Linux Mint
• 3 play modes (Arcade, Campaign, and Survival): Arcade mode offers a relaxed, arcade-like experience, while the Campaign mode allows you to create a single-player campaign with branching narrative
• Original soundtrack and art to match the original experience
• Slick, bold, retro graphics with high-definition visuals
• 4K and HDR support (PC only)
What’s New:
Space Colony: Steam


Features Key:

  • All your favourite Frozen characters are ready to come and have fun with you in the game of this Frozen II trilogy!
  • Thrilling story-based adventure!
  • Uncover the mystery behind the unique powers of the “Crystals” and unlock new abilities!
  • Frozen-themed music soundtrack!


Fantasy Grounds – Mythic Monsters: Demons (PFRPG) [Latest] 2022

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Fantasy Grounds – Mythic Monsters: Demons (PFRPG) Crack + [Win/Mac] [Updated] 2022

▣ • Find great items to collect in the park.
▣ • Be rewarded for completing park goals.
▣ • Explore a variety of levels, each with their own distinct style.
▣ • Open world feel with the park browser.
▣ • Jump, dodge, explore, and create in free open world playgrounds.
▣ • The more you play, the more you earn!
▣ • Accelerate your park to the top with achievements and leaderboards.
▣ • Jump in to play with your friends and other players!
▣ • Create a park of your own with a level editor and a community of friends.
▣ • You can play at a variety of difficulties – don’t worry about perfecting every level.
▣ • Design your park to fit your play style – place the fun in whatever area you choose!
How to play “Park Bound” Gameplay:
1. BUY IT: $4.99
2. DOWNLOAD IT: $7.99
Game “Park Bound” Controls:
D – Jump
A – Double Jump
W – Glider
S – Skyward Jumps
4 – Zoom Camera
0 – Stop Camera
===================> “Park Bound” —===How to buy “Park Bound”:
1. DOWNLOAD “Park Bound” Gameplay: $7.99
2. INSTALL IT: $9.99
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===================> “Park Bound” —===Previews of features:
▣ • Over 30 different worlds, each one unique.
▣ • Dynamic lighting, unique textures, and more.
▣ • Gameplay re-skinned from The Unsung Story which features similar goals and level types.
▣ • Park creation using the level editor in-game.


What’s new:

150+ Damage Scaling

Can’t be Fogged (this is new)

Extra Scaling Per Added Projectile

Suppress for Warpips

Something drastic happened to toni the last update, we’ve become a “capable of killing Yautja” bug. The very first patch of this month we are offering you

With these new features, toni will be using a more support based strategy, as opposed to the more aggressive approach that has helped us to reach the current standings.

Taking a step back, we needed to make sure that Yautja isn’t even remotely possible to kill, and this required fine tuning across multiple systems. There have been some big tweaks to make sure that:

We have a better chance at reaching max speed

We have less vulnerable planes

We have more effective torpedo projectile and energy neutralization of Yautja bonuses (belly and hands)

We have more simplified Yautja reaction times

We have more solid pummel

Heal/Projectile systems were tweaked as the Yautja had been getting stronger over the months, due to toni’s limited knowledge about what happened in purple. Now, it’s safe to say that purple will have to be dealt with much more directly.

Note: We tried the minis for the Yautja in blue before, and they were on a very similar level as orange’s minis. We had tested them thoroughly several times, but purple’s was the biggest challenge yet.

Blast shield length

Warpips provide Tier 4 damage scaling per extra projectile

Suppress incoming damage to Warpips

Projectiles hit Warpips at 50% speed

Reduces armor and shields on Yautja by 20% (it’s enough to disable their shields when one is inside the blast radius)

Projectile damage

Projectile speed is not affected by DoTs and increased velocity allows it to aim under full shields

This will not play as a priority for toni, but it’s important that we can have mobility to make it effective. It means that we can eat damage or go into ball formation to use it better


Slight buff to feet (and amp increase again)

Charge increased from 12 to 15 and tok turned to level 10

This means that they consume 100 damage per second

Built in


Download Fantasy Grounds – Mythic Monsters: Demons (PFRPG) Crack [Win/Mac] (Latest)

This is the second release of my game ”The Binding of YOU”.
In this game you are the last human born into a cursed world.
The demons are from your past, they are in your head, they are inside of you.
You have awakened a force of pure evil and it will be your greatest test…
In this game you will be playing as the first human to awaken this power and stop the demon uprising.
You have been chosen to save mankind.
This game is meant to take on a Dark Soul JRPG feel to it.
You are beginning your journey as the Chosen One.
Are you strong enough to save the world?
The game is playable offline, but it is recommended to be played online since the enemies are smarter and hate to be killed.
To play the game on your cellphone you will need:
1. Internet 2. video player & audio player (Like Youtube Music Player)
3. Decent gaming phone.
4. XML file that is generated after the game is launched (Should be in the root folder)
If you would like to send me a message via a mail.
That works better since it gives me the option to get back to you quickly.

Everything here is raw and unedited except the intro voice and music.

I cannot give out credit for the voice work.

Links are below.

I would like to thank FluffyChaos from Youtube.
As well as the many others who made this possible for me to make.

Website –


Music –

Intro Voice –

Video File –

You need flash to play it.
It’s easy to use just follow the directions.

If you get stuck I will try to


How To Crack:

  • First of all Download Arrow.exe from SourceForge. Then Double
    Click on the exe file to install the game.
  • When an InstallShield Wizard opens, click on Next.
    After that you will get to Gaming section, where you
    can select an x86\windows\based operating system to
    download games for. Choose PC Games if you have XP
    on your PC.
  • For the category you can pick MP3/video files.
    Select the hidden folder that contains all of your
    arrow keys and double click on the Arrow.exe file.
  • After you complete the installation of Arrow you
    have to configure the game as below
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