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Infopower Studio 2012 Serial |LINK|

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Infopower Studio 2012 Serial

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Version InfoPower – Four Simple Steps To Integrate Delphi With Infopower Pn
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How to make the automatic change to the target

When I run my c program using the bash command
mycprog –help

I am getting the target help.
But when I run it using the Makefile the target help is not shown.
I use the following Makefile:

@echo “hello”

@echo “argv: $(PROG)”
@echo “argv[0]: $(PROG)”
@echo “mycprog: $(PROG)”

Basically the output is hello when I run the program using the bash command, but when I run it using the Makefile the output is an empty line.
But this empty line is confusing me. What is wrong with my Makefile?
I tried the following:

@echo “hello”

@echo “argv: $(PROG)”
@echo “argv[0]: $(PROG)”
@echo “mycprog: $(PROG)”

@echo “clean: cleaning the target $(PROG)”
@echo “clean: cleaning the target $(PROG)”

I tried to change the “clean” target to output the

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