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Tools and palettes

Photoshop has a ton of tools and palettes, and you can access them through the toolbars, the palettes palette, and the menu system.

• The toolbars include several sections, some that can be replaced by other tools and functions, and some that are fixed into a permanent bar (like File, Edit, Adjustments, Character, and so on).

• The Palettes Palette is a great place to organize the many tools in the program.

• The tooltips that appear when you point to objects (such as layers or paths) are helpful for locating tools.

* Browse the book’s companion DVD for more complete information on using Photoshop tools and the paintbrush settings.

## Chapter 2: Exploring Photoshop Layers

How Can I Download Photoshop App For Free [Mac/Win]


In honor of the best photoshop CC update yet, all photoshop users should know that this blog post is a parody of the very popular photoshop meme on Weibo called literally “ps-style”.

Despite being in photoshop CC 2019, this guide on how to use Photoshop elements 2020 should still work well on the older version.

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Photoshop (Sketch)

Photoshop has become the world’s most popular image editing software which is also used by many graphic designers to make high-resolution images that can be print and distributed.

Those who prefer a more visual approach can also make simple and fast graphics that can be used in site designs.

Users of Photoshop often use it to edit, modify, and create digital images that can include photos, text, shapes, photos and other elements, or to annotate images.

Before starting any editing, open the file in Photoshop Elements so you can quickly and easily make small editing changes.

In the ‘New’ tab, click on the ‘Open’ button from the top toolbar.

In the opened window, you can see four tabs at the top of the window: ‘layers’, ‘photoshop’, ‘photos’, and ‘watermark’ at the bottom.

For now, we will use the ‘Photoshop’ tab to create the best images possible.


In Photoshop, you can make short-term or long-term changes to an image.

Some of the basic tools that you can use include rotating, scaling and moving the image to the left, right and up and down.

It is also possible to apply filters, crop, create or edit smart objects and create paths to create a freehand drawing.

Layer Masks

The first tool that we use to create the best images is to use the ‘Layer Mask’ (Photoshop) or ‘Clipping Mask’ (Photoshop Elements).

Layers, in the basic layer of image editing, can be created by clicking on the ‘New’ button in the ‘Layers’ tab (on top), and create as many layers as you want, which you can delete later.

To delete a layer, click on the layer thumbnail in the layers palette (on the left) and select a

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No matter where you are, chances are good that the song “Safe and Sound” is playing somewhere. It is the theme song from the 1982 animated film “Back to the Future.”

In case you missed it, here is the song’s musical accompaniment:

Here is the lyrics:

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A place where no one can tell.

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We hope you enjoyed that musical break.

Let’s move on to the BBM version, which can be found at this link. (we replaced the piano chords, although they are in the original film)

Here is the version from Chris Brown:

Here is the version from Usher:

Here is a video of a performance by Nathan Lane, which we actually found on YouTube:

Over here at the offices we have gone back in time to reminisce.

Just for fun, here is a clip of a 1983 Don Rickles routine. This clip is from the “Marilyn Mondo in ‘83” show, and is hilarious!

Here is a clip of Don Rickles and John Belushi talking. John Belushi’s story was told in the “I Am John Belushi” show.

Here is an excerpt from the “I Am John Belushi” show, in which John Belushi tells a joke about a guy who thought his fly was open.

Here is a clip of Jerry Lewis being interviewed.

And here is a clip of Jerry Lewis winning his third Academy Award.

A note on

What’s New In?


In the Standard Model, why does the Z decay to bottom quarks but not to top quarks?

It is said that the Z particle decays to bottom quarks because those quarks interact with the Higgs in a strength that is about the square of the top quark’s mass. The Z would not decay to top quarks because the top quarks have a magnitude of interaction with the Higgs which is higher than the bottom quark’s.
Why is the Z more susceptible to decay to bottom quarks than top quarks?
If we again use the rest masses for each quark, and the fact that the top quark is heavier than the bottom quark, this means that the top quark has higher energy. This means that the top quarks’ interaction with the Higgs is larger. It is stated that this interaction is larger than that of the bottom quarks, and that the Z is more susceptible to decay to bottom quarks.
In order to be consistent, isn’t it true that the top quark interactions are larger than the bottom quarks interactions, and that is the reason why the Z doesn’t decay to top quarks?
Thanks for your help!


The decay of the Z into a pair of top quarks is very small in comparison to that into a pair of bottom quarks, even at tree level. The smallness is due to the comparatively smaller value of the top quark mass in comparison to the bottom quark mass, and a consequence of the fact that both masses are much smaller than the Z mass (in the standard model they must be set equal to zero, and the ratio of $m_t$ and $m_Z$ is fixed).
It can be shown that the decay rate is proportional to $m_t^4 m_Z^4$ (see e.g. these lecture notes), while it is proportional to $m_b^4 m_Z^4$ for the decay into a pair of bottom quarks.

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 8.1 or later
Windows 8.1 or later Processor: AMD FX or Intel Core i3 or later
AMD FX or Intel Core i3 or later Memory: 4 GB
4 GB Graphics: DirectX 11-compatible graphics card, including hardware-accelerated graphics
DirectX 11-compatible graphics card, including hardware-accelerated graphics Hard Drive: 700 MB
700 MB Network: Broadband Internet connection
Broadband Internet connection Sound Card: DirectX 11-compatible sound card

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