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If you’re teaching beginners about image-editing software, consider creating a Photoshop series of tutorials. Depending on your Creative Suite version, you can set up an entire series of tutorials on just about anything you want to teach your students.

In this chapter, we explain what Photoshop is and how to use it. Then we give you an overview of all the different Photoshop programs and versions, so you can know which one to buy for your needs.

## Getting to Know Photoshop Elements

As the little sister to Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements offers an easy way for newbies to get started with Photoshop. You can download an inexpensive version of Photoshop Elements and try it for 30 days before you have to buy a perpetual license. (You don’t have to buy one to use the program.)

Why choose Photoshop Elements? Because it’s so easy to use. It’s no Photoshop, but it does offer the basic abilities that you need to manipulate and transform your images.

In this book, we use Photoshop Elements. You can also find out how to use Photoshop on a Mac, and you find out how to use your Mac with Elements on a PC. Chapter 3 has all the details on those topics.

Photoshop Elements 6 and Elements 8 offer two-click effects. The main advantage of Elements is that the software you’re using is simple and straightforward.

One of the things that makes Photoshop, so incredibly powerful, is the amount of features available. Each one has its own keystroke, so if you’re not familiar with how to use the software, you may not know which keystroke to press. If that’s the case, make a list of the keystrokes you want to remember and refer to the Creative Suite User Guide when you need to remember how to use a certain feature (see the end of this section for help with the User Guide).

Elements has a simplified user interface, so you can focus on your task rather than a maze of buttons, menus, and toolbars.

Another feature is that as you advance in Elements, you can simply upgrade to the version that offers the additional features. You don’t have to buy a new computer.

The only downer is that it doesn’t come with as many features as the program you purchase. You can buy add-on packs that add the missing features. However, only the older versions of Elements offer what’s in the latest version of Photoshop.

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But why do you need to learn Photoshop Elements?

Most digital cameras, smart phones and tablets, streamers and game consoles (PS4, PS4 Pro, XB1, XB2, PS4K, Xbox, Xbox One X, Switch, etc.) support a feature called video recording.

This functionality lets you record videos, games, screen shots, or any other type of images to the internal storage. You can use the images after, using an app like Elgato Game Capture, or by converting the images to various video formats (AVI, MP4, MOV, etc).

Why the need to record games?

Players of most games keep the game recorded. The recorded game, or a screenshot may be sent to the server and a server bot periodically uploads those images to a central server. Not only the players gain access to the games, but anyone can also download, review, or replay them.

These players can capture the game image in any condition they like and post it online or use it for any purpose. It may lead to cheating, copyright violation, or post viral content that may harm the image in the future.

Some gamers create a dedicated screenshot device to capture the game in best possible quality.

Why do you need to capture the game in best quality?

Capturing the game at its best quality gives your viewers the best possible experience. I have seen and heard stories about players that had problems watching the game after a very mediocre capture. For those that love your game, they will appreciate the time and effort you put into capturing a game at its best quality.

The captured game image may have high resolution and high FPS (frames per second). By default, some app or operating system may compress the quality of the game capture. The users may be able to customize the quality and FPS of the captured game.

How to record my favorite game?

First of all, be sure that your game is compatible with the recording feature of your camera, phone, or game console.

After confirming the compatibility, visit the game settings, go to video recorder options, and enable it.

Find the game you want to record and select the recording mode options.

In this option, you can select the video recording resolution, fps, the game capture title, and compression quality.

Check your camera

If you are recording a video with your smartphone or tablet, check the recording quality of

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System Requirements For Texture Puzzle Photoshop Download:

CPU: Intel Core i5 2.5GHz or above
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 2000 or above
RAM: 6GB or above
HDD: 150GB or above
OS: Windows 7 or higher
Software: 4GB Steam license
Additional Notes:
Will work with any controller that was created prior to the upgrade. Will also work with future controllers.
Credit for this port goes to the original creator, Walter ‘Romance’ Whitehead. If you are interested in working on future ports, please fill out the form located


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