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Even though writing code can be relatively fun, managing a development project where you need to account for dependencies can quickly become overwhelming if you need to deal with a constant growth of the features and codebase.
QuickBuild is a tool for automation and continuous integration that packs several advanced tools for a more efficient build management. Not only can you help maintain a good quality of the project to the detail, but it can also lend a hand with de-stressing your work as a team.
Provides support for continuous integration and deployment
The idea behind the program is to provide you a simple way to run proof builds individually or concurrently and hence, obtain fast feedback over the changes before commit. Moreover, the app can help you create a report build progress and log in real time so that you can address bugs and failures accordingly.
Since you can keep track of every deployment in the form of a build, you can easily roll back whenever a new patch is not ready for release. Nevertheless, if necessary, you can push the commits to different builds and deployment stages via pipeline.
Allows you to create setup and workflow designs that you can reuse later on
The application packs features that allow you to manage several projects at the same time. Therefore, you can organize your work hierarchically as well as build and reuse workflow designs between separate projects. It is worth mentioning that the app enables you to build complex workflows visually with a convenient drag and drop.
Besides managing multiple projects, the tool can also lend a hand with scaling, meaning that you can take care of massive builds by adding more nodes, for example. Your team can repeat the execution of steps for a single build or multiple nodes to accelerate build speed.
A reliable CI tool that can ensure a better code quality
All in all, QuickBuild is a utility designed to help you manage development projects more efficiently while enabling you to prevent serious integration pitfalls which you may get trapped in when dealing with various new features as well as tedious tasks.


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QuickBuild is a robust tool that is designed to enhance your development life. By using the application you can easily create and manage a continuous build process, setup workflows, decouple a codebase from itโ€™s dependencies, integrate well-known continuous integration tools as well as execute a build process on multiple different nodes.
QuickBuild Features:
โœ” Create workflows and pipelines for reusing them later on
โœ” Integrate well-known continuous integration tools (e.g. Travis CI)
โœ” Build any type of project (e.g. Angular, React, ASP.NET, Java)
โœ” Manage several projects simultaneously
โœ” Execute the build on multiple nodes
โœ” Submit multiple build results
โœ” Track a buildโ€™s progress
โœ” Set up automated builds for continuous integration
โœ” Quickly start a new project
โœ” Use the same projectโ€™s workflow in different places
โœ” Refactor a project step-by-step
โœ” Stop and reverse a buildโ€™s execution
โœ” Create a workflow (in the projectโ€™s settings)
โœ” Quickly create a report build progress
โœ” Quickly create a standard deployment report
โœ” Configure the workflows and pipelines that you need
โœ” Use workflow and pipeline designs
โœ” Setup workflows, pipelines, and graphs
โœ” Define build parameters
โœ” Autogenerate configuration files
โœ” Automate builds
โœ” Set up a new CI solution
โœ” Streamline a process in an existing project
โœ” Find bugs, errors, and failures
โœ” Securely share projects with source control
โœ” Store build logs
โœ” Use automated builds for continuous integration
โœ” Get a single project build results
โœ” Save time and avoid pitfalls
โœ” Set up automated deployments
โœ” Configure a build to be deployed by default
โœ” Verify prerequisites for deployment
โœ” Build a project on multiple nodes
โœ” Launch the build with custom parameters
โœ” Set up a custom build environment
โœ” Launch a build process on multiple nodes
โœ” Set up a custom build environment
โœ” Automatically launch a build on different nodes
โœ” Analyze a buildโ€™s status
โœ” Manage multiple projects simultaneously
โœ” Integrate with source control repositories
โœ” Execute workflows and pipelines
โœ” Configure build parameters
โœ” Create a project
โœ” Create a


Create builds from scratch or use pre-built templates to start your project
The app offers a wide variety of templates and features which can be used to start the project quickly. Along with the app, you will be provided with samples which contain pre-built templates for different platforms such as.NET, Java and PHP. Also, they are all designed to be used to get you up and running quickly and easily.
Build your project with all the features ready to use
Whenever you build your project from scratch, you can use the latest features, for example automatic testing and parallel builds, to help you speed up your next releases. Yet, the app also offers pre-built templates for various platforms including Microsoft Visual Studio, Xcode, Android Studio and many others.
All in one place, manage all aspects of your project
With QuickBuild, you can manage every aspect of your development project. To achieve this goal, it provides you with five crucial functions which help you to manage and test your projects.
First, it allows you to create a project from scratch. Moreover, you can also start a new project or clone the existing one so that you can work on it easily. Whatโ€™s more, the app also allows you to organize files and folders quickly while keeping an eye on modifications in real time.
Builds are completely automatic. Therefore, this feature can help you save a lot of time and resources. Yet, the tool can also help you to create a report build progress and log in real time so that you can address bugs and failures accordingly.
The tool is equipped with features that enable you to continuously build, test, and deploy your project in real time. Along with this, you can also monitor and track changes in real time with the help of branch and pull requests, while you can add new branches and merge them in real time.
Also, the app allows you to monitor your builds through web hooks, even if they run on a different platform. Therefore, you can automate your builds and get feedback in real time on your projectโ€™s status. With the automation of the project, you can get faster feedback over the changes before commit.
Likewise, the app allows you to view a report build progress and log in real time so that you can address bugs and failures accordingly. It also offers a bunch of plugins that are capable of adding additional functionalities to your project. Therefore, you can extend your project with additional functionalities such as integration and webhooks.

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QuickBuild is the easiest way to create, migrate, and deploy artifacts such as Docker images or private Git repos to any OpenStack Object Storage. QuickBuild also supports continuous integration and delivery.
Key features:
โ€“ Quickly migrate Git repos, Docker images, and other artifacts to OpenStack Object Storage using a declarative pipeline.
โ€“ Deploy code to any environment such as Kubernetes, OpenShift, Mesos, on Amazon EC2, and in a Docker swarm.
โ€“ Configure and manage your repository with Git and GitHub.
โ€“ Use any Git provider or your existing private Git service.
โ€“ Quickly configure network connectivity and establish a connection to a Git repository.
โ€“ Generate a build, deploy artifacts, and provide dependency information.
โ€“ Configure and run tests during deployment and deployment.
โ€“ Set up pipeline jobs based on the artifact type and configuration.
โ€“ Enable or disable pipeline jobs.
โ€“ Decide which deployment environment to run the build.
โ€“ Provision and manage any environments, from servers to clusters.
โ€“ Set up and manage your cloud provider.
โ€“ Support pipeline jobs during the build.
โ€“ Track build progress and metrics.
โ€“ Set up and run build report jobs.
โ€“ Use and manage resources and networks.
โ€“ Use any CI services.
โ€“ Monitor and understand how your pipelines run.
โ€“ Set up continuous deployment and deployment with an action.
โ€“ Monitor dependency information.
โ€“ Decide which pipeline stage to run at.
โ€“ Monitor pipeline results.
โ€“ Use cloud templates.
โ€“ Set up and configure any deployment technology.
โ€“ Use any build technology.
โ€“ Use any project management technology.
โ€“ Define and use a workflow.
โ€“ Use Git.
โ€“ Configure and use a provider.
โ€“ Define your environment.
โ€“ Define your source and source credential.
โ€“ Set up and configure pipelines and templates.
โ€“ Run pipelines and template jobs.
โ€“ Monitor pipeline results.
โ€“ Use any deployment technology.
โ€“ Use any storage and build technology.
โ€“ Export artifacts using CloudFormation.
โ€“ Use any project management technology.
โ€“ Run any build technology.
โ€“ Create and use a workflow.
โ€“ Use and create stacks, networks, and resources.
โ€“ Monitor pipeline results.
โ€“ Manage any resources.
โ€“ Manage networks.
โ€“ Define any CI services.
โ€“ Define any CI technology.
โ€“ Define and use a

Whatโ€™s New In?

Automate development workflow and project management.
Build pipelines enable you to create multiple environment configuration that target different needs and performance.
QuickBuild Server is powered by GitHub and allows to deploy a server application on any of your favorite hosting providers.
Manage different environment configuration and deployment by scaling your GitHub hosted application.
Refactor, run or rerun previously specified actions during continuous integration.
Integrate many popular tools and libraries for free.
Send notifications to Slack and integrate with other systems.
QuickBuild Features:
Powerful Continuous Integration
Create pre-defined and custom pipelines, tests, deployments, and advanced workflow based on defined acceptance criteria. Run tests for each commit of source code, continuously.
Drag and Drop Workflow Design
Create workflows with simple drag and drop strategy. Ditch the need to write complex and repetitive workflows.
Multiple Project Management
Create hierarchical projects and deploy to multiple production and environment configurations.
Customize, Scaling, and Reuse Workflow
Use QuickBuild Server to create and rerun pre-defined workflows. Create new workflows and reuse previously written actions.
Role Based Access Control
Manage project access through groups. Can automatically lock features and tasks in certain groups to prevent accidental access to features or tasks.
Restricted API Access
Protect your work from unauthorized API access.
Encrypted Storage
Store sensitive data in encrypted cloud storage.
Customize Behavior
Add, remove, and reorder nodeโ€™s actions.
Integrate new tools and libraries as they become available.
QuickBuild Server Instructions:
Install the QuickBuild Server for macOS and Linux from the respective links on GitHub.
Follow the QuickBuild Server installation guidelines in order to start creating pipeline and build workflow.

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System Requirements For QuickBuild:

Windows 7, 8, 10
Mac OS X, 10.9
Core i5 @ 2.4 GHz
Core i5 @ 3.0 GHz
Core i5 @ 3.3 GHz
Core i5 @ 3.7 GHz
Core i7 @ 2.8 GHz
Core i7 @ 3.2 GHz
Core i7 @ 3.5 GHz
Core i7 @ 3.7 GHz
Core i7 @ 3.9 GHz

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