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Photoshop is a lot like Microsoft Word. If you use one, you will soon find that you also use the other. However, the learning curve for Photoshop is fairly steep. Photoshop CS2 has revolutionized the way that Photoshop works, and novice users who are not accustomed to the interface will find that learning Photoshop and mastering its tools can be slow at times. If you are proficient with other image-editing programs, you can take some time to learn Photoshop before starting to work with it.


Adobe Acrobat enables you to manipulate objects or layers, create and edit links, and insert, move, resize, and trim them to and from one page or another. These features enable you to easily sort, filter, cross-reference, and search your document. You can use these attributes to edit and build documents based on a template. You can modify the appearance of text and objects in your document by changing colors, fonts, and outlines. You can also apply effects such as shadows and reflections.

By using a menu bar at the top of the program, you can create and manipulate borders and selections. You can use these to paint various objects and modify their appearance as needed. You can select and copy objects, modify the opacity of layers, add effects such as shadows and reflections, and export or print your document.

Chapter 13 covers Acrobat in detail.


Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphic program. This means that you can easily create, edit, and modify vector shapes. It enables you to open and work with virtually any file format, and it enables you to re-size and edit objects just as you would with a Photoshop layer. You can also create and modify objects from scratch or modify and edit objects in place. You can use objects in Illustrator as references to change and manipulate the same objects in Photoshop.

For example, suppose that you create and edit an object in Illustrator that is only displayed inside of Illustrator. You can use this object as a reference in your Photoshop files. You can then edit this Illustrator object in Photoshop and transform the appearance of your object to suit your needs.

You can use Illustrator to create and modify characters, diagrams, charts, and shapes. You can take a preexisting object or design and create a new one, and you can modify existing objects and design elements. You can use the Object Selection window to manipulate objects in a document.

Chapter 4 covers Illustrator in depth

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In this article, we’ll show you how to use Photoshop Elements to:

Edit and enhance images

Spruce up photos with filters and effects

Design and style graphics

Draw and paint

Create emojis

1. Use Adobe Photoshop Elements to Enhance Images

There’s a lot of ways to improve an image: Rotate, crop, resize, adjust brightness and contrast, sharpen, adjust curves, and more. For beginners, one of the easiest ways to make an image look better is to add a vignette effect.

In the layers palette, click the brush to select the brush and begin painting. You can also right-click in the layer palette and select Brush Settings, then select Vignette from the Spatial menu.

The vignette effect makes an image look more polished with a circular-shaped rim on the image. To remove the vignette effect, click the thumbnail to get rid of it.

For additional effects to add to your images, try the following methods.

2. Create Creative Graphics with Adobe Photoshop Elements

Creative graphics such as arrows, airplanes, bells and rainbows can be created with Photoshop Elements.

Open your image. Make sure it’s the right size for your graphic. To open your image, click File and then select Open.

Make sure your image is the right size for the design you want to create. To resize your image, drag one of the corners to resize the image.

To crop your image, drag a corner to trim off unnecessary parts. To crop an image, drag the line around the edges of the image to trim off the unwanted parts.

Choose a brush for the graphic you’re making. To choose a brush, click the brush in the Brushes palette. To add a new brush, click Brushes in the palette. To remove a brush, right-click and select Remove Brush.

Add the look you want. Click the Effects in the Control palette. To the right of Effects, click Style Effects in the Style menu. Find the look you want and click Apply.

Learn More: Create Realistic Skies with Photoshop Elements

3. Draw in Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements comes with a variety of drawing tools, brushes and art supplies so you can create images and graphic designs of all sizes and styles.

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