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Using the Cloud for Storage

Cloud storage allows you to access your photos from any computer that has an Internet connection. It can be accessed using any browser application. You also use any application that can access a cloud. All you need is a photo library that has been installed.

To find additional information about cloud storage, check out the `` website.

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to customize the appearance of your photos. We will use the attributes of a layer in Photoshop to modify the appearance of a photo.

We will use an example of an image editing project to follow along. The example image will be edited by using the Picking Lasso tool.

Where can I download the image?

Here is the example image we will be working with. Find it on the downloads page of this website.


Open the image you want to work with in Photoshop.

In this tutorial, we are going to use a picture of a desert landscape, because it is beautiful and it is a good example of an image for which the features are easy to find. The original image is titled “dune by the sea”.


Import the new file into Photoshop. Using the File menu in the upper left corner, navigate to Open > Open: and then select the file.

Using the Open dialog that appears, navigate to the location where the image is stored on your computer.

Click the Open button to select the image.

You can see the image in the preview area at the bottom of the dialog. You can close the dialog and keep working.


From the Layers panel at the bottom left, select the file. Select the image layer.

Use the following steps to edit and modify the appearance of the image.

To edit the appearance of the photo, we will use the layer’s attributes in Photoshop. Photoshop has multiple ways to edit the appearance of a layer. We will use the Appearance section of the Layer panel to do so. However, depending on the appearance of the photo you want to edit, you might need to use another alternative.

Follow the steps below to see the picture in its different stages.

1. Create a new layer.

Go to the Create New Layer button in the Layers panel or the Layer menu and select the New layer button.

On the right side of the panel, click the white square to add a new layer. Using the square creates a layer with no effects that have been applied.

On the right side of the panel, click the square to add a new layer.

2. Select the rectangle tool and press the B key.

Use the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangular selection

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NIC for VPN connection?

I have a Mac Pro 2011, and I would like to connect to my home network via VPN. I have installed the system-wide VPN client (OpenVPN), and have begun to configure it so that I can connect to it from my iPhone.
In doing this I have come to a dead end: it requires me to specify a “connection address”, or IP address.
I have no idea where it gets this address from.
Can anyone explain what the difference is between two networks:
IPv6: ::1

What do these “connection address”s represent?


With VPN, you are connecting to a router through a tunnel (usually IPv4).
If your router uses automatic IP allocation, it will pick up the IP address from its DHCP server and assign it an available IP address on the LAN. If there is no DHCP server on your LAN, you’ll need to configure a static IP address in your router, along with the corresponding settings in your client software.
IPv6 is an entirely new way of addressing, different from IPv4. It’s entirely possible that your router doesn’t support IPv6 and IPv6 is the only IP version allowed on the WAN interface; you will have to configure your router for IPv6-capable connections on the WAN.


What does ” in files mean in vimdiff output?

I’m reading the vimdiff manual and I noticed that when comparing two files together, it says

Each line in the left part of the table is on the same line in the
right part. Lines with the same left text, but different right text
are shown with an asterisk (*).

I was a little surprised by the asterisk, because it means that the line on the left has the same line text on the right? And how does it know this?


It’s the characters that delimit line boundaries.
On a file with lines like this:

Both ‘line1’ and ‘line2’ have the exact same

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package com.garbage.movies.persistence;


import com.example.movies.entity.Movie;
import com.example.movies.domain.mapper.MovieDao;

* Created by fasiondog on 15/06/2019.
public interface MovieLocalDao {

Movie find(@NonNull String movieId);

Movie findByTitle(@NonNull String title);

Movie findByTitleAndType(@NonNull String title, @NonNull String type);

Movie findByDate(@NonNull String date);

Movie findByDateAndType(@NonNull String date, @NonNull String type);

Movie findByGenre(@NonNull String genre);

Movie findByGenreAndType(@NonNull String genre, @NonNull String type);

Movie findByImdbId(@NonNull String imdbId);

Movie findByImdbIdAndUserId(@NonNull String imdbId, @NonNull String userId);

Movie findByImdbIdAndTitle(@NonNull String imdbId, @NonNull String title);

Movie findByImdbIdAndUserIdAndTitle(@NonNull String imdbId, @NonNull String userId, @NonNull String title);

Movie saveMovie(@NonNull Movie movie);

Movie updateMovie(@NonNull Movie movie);

Movie deleteMovie(@NonNull String movieId);

Movie findAll(@NonNull String startDate, @NonNull String endDate);

Movie findByDate

System Requirements:

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50 player
4K HDR Ultra-HD Display 2D-3D Tilt
Ratings Teen 17+ ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) Description The craziest ride never happened! After the Battle Wheel went missing, three teenagers decided to challenge each other on a customized battle wheel with 50 people to each spin to win! There are three wheels: time, speed and acceleration. Players are given 10 seconds to spin to try and get a personal time and acceleration rating

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