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This article has been reviewed by Nick Vera on 13 September 2009. There may be errors or omissions, but this is a work in progress and so, too, is the article. Please email me with corrections at nickv@livescience.com.

Photoshop can be overwhelming at first, and the interface is not a friendly place. But once you’re a seasoned user, it has the most powerful, detailed, and flexible tools for manipulating images and media. I’m personally an Adobe Photoshop guy because I’ve used it for years, but there are other image manipulation programs out there. I should mention that Apple has had a close relationship with Photoshop, so many people are familiar with the Mac version. However, the Mac version of Photoshop is actually just a free, trial version, even if you buy the full version from Apple. On Windows, there’s currently only one version of Photoshop. You can try out the free, trial version and see if you like it, then buy the full version or not.

If you’re moving up from the GIMP, it will initially be confusing because there’s a lot of overlap between the two programs and both have powerful features. If you learn how to use the tools in GIMP, you’ll learn a lot about the functionality and power of Photoshop.

The software is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems.

There are many tutorials for Photoshop, and you’ll find a bunch of them on the Internet, but where and how to get started? Well, I’ve worked on many web sites for the last 15 years, and so I’ve used Photoshop on a daily basis for years and can recommend some good places for getting started. One of the best tutorials on getting Photoshop is the ProBlogger post titled How to use Photoshop to Edit Photos and Videos. You can find it at http://www.problogger.net/photoshop.

It’s the one-page tutorial that discusses and provides practical advice about how to use Photoshop for image editing and final steps for images that you want to publish or post online. In addition, it shows how to use Photoshop for other types of images.

This article has been reviewed by Jeremy Reeves on 6 May 2006. There may be errors or omissions, but this is a work in progress and so, too, is the article. Please email me with corrections at jeremyr@livescience.com.

Photoshop Edit

Automatic Edit

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Some of the features of Photoshop Elements are:

organize your pictures in a slide show or as an album

convert images to a color profile of your choice to adjust the color

rotate, crop, adjust the size of images

create posters, slideshows, contact sheets or HTML slideshows

Watermark or emboss text or graphics

Flatten pictures on the web

Highlight image areas

Create a flatter image using the ‘Photo Filter’

Clone an image

Create unique combinations of images with the mosaic feature

Create family albums or bookmarks with the family album feature

Separate transparent layers

Apply filter effects

Editing function include:

Adjust the brightness and contrast of an image

Correct color, including the red/green/blue levels

Adjust the size of image objects

Adjust the clarity of an image

Adjust the sharpness of an image

Adjust the gamma

Make noise/grain disappear

De-Noise or blur areas of an image

Simulate light and shadow effects

Choose best suited background

Drastically reduce the noise with the ‘Hotspot’ feature

Remove unwanted objects with the magic wand

Add animations and effects

Removal of unwanted objects

Trace objects with the ‘Magic Wand’ tool

Merge objects

Add various effects to images such as:

Add star bursts

Apply Gaussian blur

Apply gradient filter

Apply a photo filter

Add an oil painting effect

Adjust exposure

Increase saturation

Reduce saturation

Reduce brightness

Add various art effects such as:

Gradient tool

Pen tool

Eraser tool

Pencil tool

Blur effect

Reflection effect

Radial blur



Shadows and highlights

Create a text overlay

Remove an object

Adjust color balance and contrast

Adjust size and color

Adjust opacity

Change the perspective

Create a mosaic of several images

Apply creative effects

This article will teach you how to use the various tools in Photoshop Elements.

A guide to the tools:

Adobe Photoshop Elements 18 has more than 50 tools for editing images. Most of these tools are divided into four categories:

Tools for editing images

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Please be aware that this game is still in development. Gameplay is expected to become more consistent, and some of the stuff listed below will likely be adjusted. In the mean time, we recommend that you test the game before purchasing it.
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