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I see all these divisive posts on social media from presidential elections, to COVID and mask or anti-mask, to Black, Blue, or All lives matter and white privilege. Now we have child trafficking arrests starting to gain attention. I do believe all this upheaval on all fronts is part of a mass consciousness trying to awaken. I have been hesitant to speak out because it has actually not been safe for me, but I know I must.

I have seen racism and experienced reverse racism in my life. Now I’m not saying this to take away from the awareness from any movement whether it’s Black Lives, LBGQT, or any other hot topic. It’s all part of the evolution of consciousness to grow. However, child pornography/trafficking rings really need attention.

The victims don’t speak out. It’s not safe even for adult survivors to speak out. You may occasionally hear a story of someone on the news and most of you would never know if you are a friend of someone who has been trafficked. I am one of those children. For a child who is trafficked race doesn’t matter as much as social status. Children of the wealthy get trafficked fairly often, but the rules pedophile rings have for “higher class” kids is different from the poor kid. The poor kids are more likely to be abducted and never seen again. Many poor kids that survive have generational abuse. For instance, there was a 23 year old mother who was arrested for trafficking her children. She did what was normal because her mom trafficked her and who knows how many generations.

One side of my family came from a prominent blood line. In some ways, I had it better because only a certain class of people and certain things weren’t allowed which was really just video and killing me. Killing me had to be approved by the head of our sect. Anything else was fair game. The poor kids who were considered “chattle” were sometimes locked in old barns, basements, etc throughout the county and world. They would be filmed. Some were sold for “child hunts” not too many of those children ever escaped. A lot of the blond haired blued eyed boys and girls we sold into white slavery in Japan and other countries.

Up until 2002 the official position the FBI took was there was no such thing as child porn rings or “snuff” films. So, any child or adult survivor was immediately discredited. We started being heard after “Operation Candyman”


The challenge for a child of “privilege” is there is usually less evidence of what happened other that the obvious effects on mental health. A good example is Brittany Spears, she has all the tell tale signs of it, but there will be no proof.

In the early days of me getting help, even some therapists did not believe my story. There are no real lifelines for the children who get out. The ones that do are conditioned to be so afraid and many are threatened and stalked like I was.

Children are our future. They are the ones that will heal the social issues we face. We must not let these people get away on a loophole. A good portion of the “Operation Candyman” bust got away with it. The more divisive we are as a society the more we are helping these people get away with destroying our children. All races, all religions or faiths, atheist, genders or non genders need to band together not just for the children, but for each other. We suffer in silence. Help us get our voice back.




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